About that modern slavery

Nearly 200 migrant workers who were ‘rescued’ by anti-slavery police yesterday were back at work on the farm today.

It comes after at least 100 of the workers descended on Camborne Police Station, Cornwall, last night to protest their boss’ arrest at RH Scrimshaw and Sons at Bosahan Farm.

The huge crowd of workers gathered in anger stating they were not victims of slavery and worked in good conditions — and could earn up to £250 a day.

They were part of a group of around 200 people found when police swooped on the site yesterday morning.


Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed that the three arrested men were aged 68, 49 and 41 – and one was not 61 as earlier released.

Now, about those 100,000 Vietnamese tarts in the nail bars…..

18 thoughts on “About that modern slavery”

  1. The police and the establishment have a problem.

    There is some evidence of slavery in Britain but the slave owners aren’t the white British, they tend to be rather duskier. Thus Cornishman must be arrested for slavery just as white British people must be arrested for membership of certain organisations on the basis that membership of said organisation was made illegal by the government.

    At all costs, the establishment has to avoid addressing the actual problem.

  2. @Jonathan

    A lot of modern slavery cases seem to involve the Irish traveller community, who aren’t particularly dusky. Having said that, I wonder how far away the day can be for human rights / anti-slavery campaigners (and for that matter, animal rights and environmental campaigners given the involvement of certain groups in puppy breeding and illegal waste disposal) to start protesting outside the more notorious encampments. If such types are protesting there at the moment, it’s usually as “allies” on an anti-racism, anti-eviction jaunt.

  3. @MyBurningEars

    Indeed, they’re a protected class too. Notice how the RSPCA seems to avoid them like the plague as well.

  4. Its an odd situation “rescuing slaves” aint it.

    Don’t you mean bilingual workers who are intelligent enough to live and work overseas and be sought after workers for British employers.

    How many British workers could do that?

  5. “Whenever I get really worried about the overall competence of police in the US, I just start paying attention to the overall competence of police in Britain. Then I feel much better.”

    Regardless of the PC inclinations of our ‘police force’ these days, at least they managed to do the operation without killing anyone, something that seems to be beyond the abilities of the US police these days……………..UK police shot 4 people in 2017, how many people (a good proportion of whom would be innocent of any crime) did the US police kill last year?

  6. “how many people (a good proportion of whom would be innocent of any crime) did the US police kill last year?”

    You tell us how many were “innocent,” since you know so much. Or did you just pull that out of your ass?

  7. ‘Police surrounded the home after receiving a hoax emergency call from a man claiming to have shot dead his father and taken his family hostage.’

    Your indictment of the police is stupid.

  8. @Martin,

    ..or Libyan, Eritrean, Somalian…..

    Who all share the same trait:

    They’re all RoP Muslims and BAMEs who we’re told ad infinitum – by Gov’t, BBC etc – “enrich” UK culture.

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