Apposite placing of stories

Telegraph news page:

Oxfam chief executive under investigation over handling of sex abuse claim

Child sex crime accusations reach record high, says charity

Is that ‘coz Oxfam is ‘fessing up?

5 thoughts on “Apposite placing of stories”

  1. I notice that the NSPCC, having spent millions on outlawing spanking and making criminals of parents, are now telling us sexual assaults on children are at record highs.

    Maybe they got their priorities a little wrong, eh?

    (Not that I believe any of this. Read between the lines and it’s another attempt to regulate the internet.)

  2. TN is entirely correct.

    Scum like the NSPCC exist to demonise men and parents in general on behalf of Marxist feminism.

    And if they can control the Net while they are at it so much the better for them,.

    But the FFC–a supposed Tory–will be soon be along to make more (of the shite boredom-fests that she calls) speeches spewing the same line and the same bogus stats.

  3. Ah, so they do have a Chief Executive then. He has emerged from his bunker.

    “The buck stops there” (pointing at his deputy’s desk).

  4. A pity we have May instead of someone that believes in something (besides being PM for no discernable reason), they might have actually done something about funding these activities.

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