But we don’t all agree love

Finally, something on which we can agree: charity officials ought not to buy sex. No one, so far, seems prominently to have argued, of the Oxfam employees’ misconduct in Haiti and Liberia, that, providing their female purchases were adult, and not coerced, then their prostitution should rightly be called sex work, that is: a perfectly dignified transaction, from which both sides – say, impoverished survivors of a disaster and benevolent male humanitarians – stood to benefit.

I have actually made the argument. Private transactions alleviated poverty, great!

We have yet, admittedly, to hear from Amnesty International, the human rights NGO, which now doubles as the world’s leading advocate of legalised prostitution. In 2015, a year that will forever be celebrated by its allies in the pimping and trafficking community, Amnesty committed to the decriminalisation of all aspects of “sex work that does not involve coercion, exploitation or abuse”.

That definition rather kills off pimping and trafficking, doesn’t it?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    That definition rather kills off pimping and trafficking, doesn’t it?

    Does it? Or will the legal business just provide cover for the coercion, exploitation and abuse? It seems to be the Dutch experience.

    Or so says the Daily Mail which may or may not have some link with reality.

    I would think the experience of abortion and euthanasia is that token rules designed to provide political cover only enable more abuse.

  2. 1 – Actress has to ‘perform’ to get well paid role from film producer in 1st world country where she can go back to her minimum wage waitress job.

    2 – Prostitute has to ‘perform’ to get paid from punter in 1st world country where it’s cash-in-hand on top of her benefits and social welfare.

    3 – Teenage white girl has to ‘perform’ for the RoPer taxi drivers who have drugged her and the local (Common Purpose) social services and police in the 1st world country are turning a blind eye for fear of being accused of racism.

    4 – Destitute woman has to ‘perform’ for rich aid ‘worker’ to avoid starving (or dying in some other nasty way) in devastated 3rd world country.

    Perhaps the Guardian could explain how all these equate to each other in their “all white men are misogynist pigs” narrative.

  3. A list of 560 NGOs that broadly agree with Tom’s view:
    Oxfam isn’t included – I’m speculating here, but the EU funds Oxfam and the EU Parliament opposes Tom’s position, therefore Oxfam can’t risk going around opposing the views of its most significant funders.

  4. Prostitution has been legalised a while in NZ. That has been accompanied by a massive reduction in abusive behaviour SMFS.

    The tax take is also higher.

  5. “coercion, exploitation and abuse?”
    I’ve expressed my opinion on this many times before.
    There is never any shortage of girls enthusiastically willing to rent the assets they’re sitting on. And girls being girls, if there’s coercion, exploitation and abuse going on it’ll be the girls perpetrating it on the poor defenceless punter. They may well be technically underage, according to the laws of whatever country the trade’s occurring. But teenage prossies are not known to encyclopaedic knowledge of legislation. However, they’re quite capable of being whatever age suits them, depending. The girls are not interested in laws, they’re interested in money.
    It’s why I don’t subscribe to the popular view of what happened in Rotherham & other cities. If you wanted to get yourself together a string of underage hookers in any town in the world your only problem would be dealing with the surplus of disappointed applicants. It may be an immoral position but it reflects reality.

  6. I’m a bit confused about the principle of collective guilt. If you dare to mention #notallmen, you’re a male chauvinist pig; but if you state #notAllAidWorkers, you’re chivalrously standing up for the hard-working volunteers and the poor & needy.

    Oh, I’m a white first-world male. I’m guilty of everything.

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