Did the President’s Club ever do a fundraiser for Oxfam?

An interesting question from Dr. Cromarty

10 thoughts on “Did the President’s Club ever do a fundraiser for Oxfam?”

  1. Answer – No. That’s based on a wordsearch of their annual reports 2012-6.
    Their aims are to help ‘Children/Young people’
    Looking at the listing of people they did help, I think they have chosen well – the only stand out one you’d have avoided with hindsight is Kids Company, but they did get the Yentob help in conning us.
    I hope the Presidents Club rises again and host their fundraisers in Yorkshire next time.

  2. The unverified actions of a minority, boorish but not illegal should definately tarnish the whole organisation and are indicative of the entire class of people from whom it’s members are drawn.

    Meanwhile the actual actions of a minority, boorish, possibly illegal and certainly more organised and using taxpayer’s money to fund their actions should be excused , are unrepresentative of its members and are in fact made up accusations by neoliberal fake-fact space monkeys.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Bongo – “Their aims are to help ‘Children/Young people’”

    In particular those that look good in short black skirts and fish nets?

    Now there is a charity we can all support.

  4. I see Oxfam is to have an independent enquiry over its involvement in sex exploitation.

    Does Shami Onionbhaji have space in the diary one wonders?

  5. One hopes that Oxfam will be asked to ensure that the costs of their enquiry comes out of their £14 million campaigns budget not actual aid.

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