Does he keep the anonymity if found guilty?

The alleged fantasist who sparked the Westminster paedophile investigation has been charged with child sex offences.

The man, who can only be identified as Nick, was arrested last year and has already appeared in court, charged with multiple offences relating to allegations of making and possessing hundreds of indecent images of children. He has also been charged with voyeurism.

He has pleaded not guilty to all charges, which allegedly took place between 2015 and 2016, and is expected to stand trial later this year.

Isn’t it something of a breach of civil liberty for someone anonymous to be convicted? You know, justice must be seen to be done? One of the points being that no one can just get railroaded, we’ve got to know who is being punished for what?

13 thoughts on “Does he keep the anonymity if found guilty?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It is more important to establish how everyone – from the police down to the media and taking in all the important civil servants in between – got taken by such a transparently dishonest liar.

    We have had the entire legal and political system of Britain upturned by a mentally deranged fantasist. Who is to blame for not doing their jobs properly? That is the question we need names to.

  2. “He has also been charged with voyeurism.”

    Can you really be charged with voyeurism, now? I thought it was a hobby, not an offence.

  3. When the investigation was launched the allegations sounded like the most insane fantasy pulled from a David Icke forum. I dismissed it immediately out of hand as it was so evidently absurd, shocked at how thick people in authority were/are a d suggested to friends that they investigate the nick bloke first.

    Look what happened. It was madness. People should lose their jobs over this and yet I fear no one will even be that bothered by insanity gripping institutions of power.

  4. I suppose he could be named for these allegations, but not linked to his Westminster tales.

    But presumably his defence will be that MI5 planted the child porn on his computer to discredit him. And some people will believe it.

  5. Isn’t he a former rent boy and he thus has anon because they don’t want anyone tracing which of the HoC gang are his former clients?

  6. If you get lifelong anonymity for any crime because you make allegations, wouldn’t criminals and would-be criminals just have to make their own allegations and then they’re protected from media exposure for life?

    Rather like that female lawyer did when she was busted for having public sex.

  7. The Metropolitan Police described his sensational claims as “credible and true”

    Hmm, the Met rather prejudging any trial there, saying the allegations were true. Then again, as a political campaign to stitch up some old white Tories it worked a treat.

  8. I may be wrong but I think he was the bozo making the “Roman Arena Murder in the HoC” car park allegations.

    “credible and true”??? Their cars should have the “Police” label removed and replaced with “Fuckwits”.

  9. We have had the entire legal and political system of Britain upturned by a mentally deranged fantasist.

    Unfortunately, the fantist is not the anonymous pedo soon to be in the dock, but rather the fat lesbian who is the Director of Public Prosecutions for the Crown Prosecution Service, since it is her enablement of “the culture of victimhood” that has allowed this madness to fester from fantasy to outright delusion.

    It is long past time for an Ecksian purge of the CPS starting with Alison Saunders. No pension, no nothing, she’s just lucky not to get hemp necktie as would have been her due in times gone past.

  10. It gets annoying when things like this are reported as can’t be named “for legal reasons”. What legal reasons???? The standard reason is that the accused is under 18, but it makes no sense in this case.

    I feel like I’m descending a Kafka-esqu spiral and expect that the legal reasons he can’t be named can’t be specified for legal reasons.

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