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Doesn’t follow, does it?

Yet, as the think tank highlights, while wealth has been increasing compared to GDP, the tax revenue from wealth has not. The burden of funding public services is firmly on labour, not capital.

Err, no. The burden of funding is upon incomes, the flow, not wealth the stock.

This all helps explain why the idea of taxing wealth is gaining traction and not just on the Left. Nick Timothy, the former chief of staff of Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May, writing in The Sun newspaper, called on the Government to “increase taxes on accumulated wealth”.

I agree with Nick – with the current capitalist model seemingly unable to deliver prosperity for all, it’s time to seriously examine the case for wealth taxes. Which is exactly what we’re doing in a forthcoming UnHerd audio-documentary.

Which is where Unherd seems to be. Continuity SDP perhaps?

6 thoughts on “Doesn’t follow, does it?”

  1. Yikes! “with the current capitalist model seemingly unable to deliver prosperity for all,” it is time to deliver misery to some.

  2. “think tank”

    Spud is, of course, a one man think tank.

    Modelled allegorically on those Japanese WWII type 97 Chi-Ha tanks which were made out of milk bottle tops and armed with a Nerf gun and so were loved by Japanese soldiers looking for a quick death being burnt alive.

    Like Spud’s ideas, anyone who knew nothing at all about tanks might be initially impressed by looking at a Chi-Ha tank and certainly they were good at running over unarmed Chinese peasants but as soon as they faced any opposition more robust, they proved to be totally crap and ineffectual.

  3. Splitters!!!

    I yell, while waving my Liberal Party membership form. We have more councillors than you do, nah nah nah! 😉

    We even beat the LibDems (more splitters!!!) in Pickering. 😀

  4. Bloke in North Dorset


    You have links to Pickering?

    My father ran the Lettered Board from ‘70 fo ‘77, is it still open? Last time we were there, about 6 years ago it was looking decidedly run down and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s gone the way of many other pubs.

    About the only thing I miss living down here is a decent pint, Badger ales are crap and I miss a good pint of Tetley or Cameron. We’re up there in March to scatter SiL’s ashes and I’m looking forward to crawl,round any of the old haunts that may still be open.

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