Doesn’t this just kill an argument

But to hear Linda Bellos, the veteran feminist campaigner, arguing on the radio this week against allowing trans candidates to join Labour’s all-women shortlists because she didn’t feel a trans woman could “represent me” was as depressing as reading Bergdorf’s tweet. There are men in parliament now, never mind trans politicians, who represent my feelings about stamping out sexual harassment at Westminster better than older women insisting that a hand on the knee doesn’t matter.

Thus dies the line that it matters more who represents rather than what they represent. The race, gender, orientation, of our representatives doesn’t matter, only their policies.

Well, OK, I’m fine with that myself. But it does rather kill about 90% of today’s left wing politics, doesn’t it?

18 thoughts on “Doesn’t this just kill an argument”

  1. I insist on being represented by someone with at least a tenuous grip on reality not an obvious fantasist. Given the loons in parliament, it’s a low bar.

  2. If the only qualification for a woman’s representative is being a woman (cis or trans), then the cis woman should be chosen, purely on the basis that she has at least eighteen* years more experience.

    (* this figure is falling as more and more under-18s are fed hormone-blockers by their deluded and/or deranged parent(s))

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Rob – “May this fight go on, and on, and on.”


    It is just too bad that both sides can’t lose. Well they can I suppose. We should live in hope.

  4. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    Crumpled knickers and empty vodka bottles, stained sheets and overflowing ashtrays. Twenty years on, Tracey Emin’s unmade bed lingers in the public imagination because it so gleefully attacked all the female taboos.

    The Fat Slags from Viz were actually feminist pioneers.

  5. I’m currently reading a dissertation by a former colleague on female elected representation before 1918, and it describes that almost always women because Guardians, School Board members, Watch Members, etc., because they would make good Guardians, School Board Members, Watch Members, etc., but when they started getting elected to local government, it was “because they’ll bring a woman’s point of view”. And female local government representation, by some odd coincidence, started happening at the time Socialism was getting organised.

  6. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    There was a mad tranny from Nottingham (iirc) in the news recently who applied for one of them all-ladies shortlists, arguing that, ackshually, bigot, genderblenders are more trustworthy in politics because they have the courage to “be themselves”.

    Which in his case involves looking like Ralph Little in a crackwhore wig and wearing more makeup than a busload of clowns that ram-raided the Revlon factory.

    I didn’t like The Rocky Horror Picture Show and I don’t like this sort of thing.

  7. Oh, the Rocky Horror show?

    Being from the era when even trannies could laugh at themselves, it’ll surely cause widespread offence at the next revival and lead to calls for a Fatwa against the transphobic, homophobic bigot that wrote it.

  8. @andrew m
    Wouldn’t really say that someone is deluded when faced with a suicidal, depressed child and a range of medical and physiciatric advice that hormone blockers are the best treatment, more of a lesser of two evils situation.
    The promotion of drugs vs counselling/psychiatric treatment is the delusion that needs to be dealt with

  9. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    BiG – they’ve already denounced Life of Brian, only a matter of time before they smash Richard O’Brien’s crystal maze.

    Mr Ecks – salve.

    Rob – it’s limerachel now.

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