Elsewhere on the Uber gender earnings gap

None of that is external discrimination by customers or the employer in any manner. Yet there’s still that 7 percent gap in earnings, which gives us two important points in that ongoing conversation about gender equity.

If in the entire absence of any form of discrimination we’re seeing a gender earnings gap, then we cannot go around shouting that the existence of a gender earnings gap is due to discrimination. Which rather explodes the rhetoric of that 77-cent gap.

But much more importantly, we’ve got to decide what we’d like to do about this.

Or, as we might put it, men are paid exactly the same as women, men earn more than women.


4 thoughts on “Elsewhere on the Uber gender earnings gap”

  1. Because women are primarily responsible for domestic duties, they spend less time behind the wheel. Ergo women should receive a higher remuneration than men to compensate for such unfairness.

  2. This is SO important. It takes down the whole patriarchy thing.

    It is based on an emormous amount of data and there are more analysis points to come.

    If you link this to the work by people like Christina Hoff Summers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sJScg78Rlc

    for example, the absolute take over in Spain of the Judiciary/law, medicine and bio/life sciences in general (STEM right?) it is clear there are no obstacles to women in the Western World.

    It is choice by women for themselves

  3. “But much more importantly, we’ve got to decide what we’d like to do about this.”

    Force women at gunpoint to take on the same amount of work as men?

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