That die-hard minority are not dedicated to Brexit for reasons of logic. Nor do they have much regard for democracy, as is apparent from their dismissal of the fundamental democratic right to change one’s mind.

That’s rather what Brexit is about, isn’t it? That we’ve had a close look at the EU and so changed our mind since 1975

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  1. If Corbog is truly pro-Brexit should not Murph’s next public engagement see The Spud get a visit from a masked-up Seven Screamerai ?

  2. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    An annual referendum?

    Candidly, no, comrade. We only need to vote for the EU once.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Nope, we’ll be voting until we give the right result and then democracy will kick in and we won’t need to vote again.

  4. Why would Corbyn want anything to do with the EU? He wants full blown old fashioned socialism ffs. EU will not allow that. To be honest Corbyn probably a better bet for full on Brexit than Tories.

  5. Non need to even ask if he would have the same reservations had Remain prevailed? A fundamentally anti-democratic mindset is part of Murphy’s DNA – hardwired….

  6. Ecksie – perhaps you haven’t noticed that the tuberous tongue has diverted to the callipygian Caledonian?

  7. “reasons of logic”…?
    What does that even mean? Logic is a purely formal science: it tells us nothing about the world – and only about the formal relationships between propositions, e.g. consistency, implication.

  8. We have changed our minds at various times on this subject but that is not why we had a ludicrous plebiscite founded on lies and race hate mongering by charlatans. That was due to the internal Politics of the Conservative Party which is also why we are headed for a hard as nails Brexit, voted for by no-one and not widely supported
    On the other hand we are consistently in favour of much higher taxes much longer prison sentences and any number of mutually contradictory foolishness . Why not do all that ?
    Frankly I don`t recognise any “we” of which I am a part which also contains the Brexit constituency with its veneration of ignorance bigotry and senile decrepitude but assuming there is such a thing , it requires a second referendum by a sizeable majority and at no time voted to leave the single market or the customs union or to be poor
    It is increasingly obvious that this is a horrible mess but there is s way forward .

  9. ….We could park ourselves in waiting , within the EEA with a cross Party agreement for a new referendum, on the on a real life alternatives that over the course five years might be finalized with the EU
    Immigration has already fallen facts as we have made ourselves a nasty place to go and such a sensible approach would command overwhelming support be a vast relief to business and allow th4e country to recover form the shock to its finances this debacle has already created so we do not have to cut schools and the NHS as sharply as we are currently having to ( thanks to Brexit)

  10. Our resident remainiac appears to have parted company, not only with reality, but also English, as she is writ.

    Maybe we will be lucky and the stupid bugger will drown in his own bile.

  11. The Facepainting Fuckwit snorts his bile–as befits a well-off, middle-class, London Bubble ReMainiac twat.

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