For Brit in Spain


They’re cunts. All of ’em, I tell yer an’ I ‘ad that Comrade Cob in the back of the cab one time……

10 thoughts on “For Brit in Spain”

  1. Lets get it clear Tim–is the blog dead or not?

    If you are going to spending all your time on a second eleven version –with pictures and nice “categories” for those with ADD– then shut down over here and be done. If, as somebody said, you are –for cash presumably — trying for a wider screen then you will be better off with out the kind of comment this blog has delivered for years. Your new viewers will likely shit their pants in outrage or fear or both.

  2. Not dead, resting. We’re just getting that place going. Got to fill content in order to get advertising approved (just done an hour ago). Then there’s getting some backlinks, then included in hte Google News index. Then it can revert to being more like my old Forbes stuff, with the effing and blinding back here. Over there will also gain other writers, more subjects etc, but this will again become the personal space, after the first bolus of set up work is done.

  3. Good I’m glad to hear that.

    I will stay off the new sight in that case or be on my best behaviour over there–which still isn’t saying much.

    Will you be accepting reasoned pieces of work over there–if the %^&&^% were to be kept out?

  4. “They’re cunts. All of ’em,”
    Nah. Not all of ’em. Comrade Cob’s well behind cunt & firmly into arsehole.
    But thanx for the thought.

  5. Too many posts over there, I’m losing track. And my personal opinion is that ragging on ritchie should stay here, it isn’t seemly for a wider audience to be mocking the afflicted.

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