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It’s not a new idea; our tax system used to tax all income equally from 1988 to 1998, when Nigel Lawson was Chancellor.

Lawson resigned in 1989. Which is about all we need to know about Unherd really.

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  1. And Labour won by a gigantic majority in 1997, so unlikely they went for a coalition cabinet in 1998.

    Written by 18 year old ignorant student trots?

  2. I think I get it. The law should prohibit work that springs from anyone’s private idea of “getting ahead” – or even “getting” anything,

    No, work should be only for people to maintain a subsistence- level life.

    “Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”

    But . . . hasn’t that already been tried?

  3. “all income should be taxed the same”

    A flat tax? Bring it on!

    To be fair, I have some sympathy for the idea of charging National Insurance on pensions. But only until I reach pensionable age.

  4. “our tax system used to tax all income equally”: pah! Schedule A was scrapped in 1963. And of course the existence of different income tax bands itself makes a mockery of the statement, at least in its ripped-out-of-context form. Then again, PEPs, TESSAs, pensions, etc, etc.

  5. I know someone who owns so many Premium Bonds that he gets a roughly steady monthly income in small prizes. All untaxed, of course, as they have been since 1956.

  6. You didn’t have to be rich to get your income from dividends. Not if you had a ltd company of whatever size, or shares in one.

  7. Lefties ignorance of dates and numbers is endemic.

    BBC Question Time 25 Jan 2018

    Green MSP shrieked: “You signed for a PFI hospital in Edinburgh.

    Lord Forsyth: “See what I mean?”


    The replacement hospital had been built on a mostly green field site in the south-east of the city, with the contract signed in August 1998.

    The secret is out: “Michael Forsyth was Health Secretary in Blair’s Labour Gov’t” says Green MSP :facepalm

  8. “Did the Scotch people want to build the hospital?”

    Don’t know, but more relevant is most Edinburgh people did not – replace city centre hospital with one in the middle of nowhere.

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