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15 thoughts on “Guess so”

  1. that’s proper short-bus special right there.

    I want some of whatever it is he’s smoking (as long as it’s not cat poop)

  2. Murphy’s on a short fuse today, perhaps he’s becoming immune to his meds. A commentator there (dc) is dealt with rather summarily:

    Richard Murphy says:

    February 6 2018 at 11:44 am

    I think your time here is over

    This is a police for serious debate and all you offer it trite repetition otherwise known as trolling

  3. Also, serial moron Marco Fante piled in:

    As you have been advised several times and would already be aware, QE had, over time, contributed to this current scenario but the QE program also ended quite some ago and is not a present factor

  4. This is a police for serious debate and all you offer it trite repetition otherwise known as trolling

    Interesting slip. Perhaps the Tuber wants it to be illegal to disagree with him?

  5. BTW markets always fall when employment prospects improve. It’s because they are controlled by pantomime neo-liberal villains with twirly moustaches.

    This is known.

  6. you have to wonder what would count as comic debate in Spud’s world. On second thoughts, is “debate” a word whose meaning is known to him?

  7. Anyone who claims to know the reasons behind specific market movements, and who didn’t trade on the fact ahead of time, is an absolute moron.

    My pet hate is analysts who claim that the price of oil has risen “due to tensions in the middle-east”. I’ve yet to hear them claim that oil prices fall due to peace in the middle-east.

  8. Interest rates going up, bonds become more attractive. People adjust their portfolios, selling stocks, buying bonds. People have been excessively in equities because bond yields have been so poor.

    Computer trading systems see stocks going down, which triggers stop losses. They sell, triggering more stop losses.

    None of it relates to the value of stocks; stocks are still a good deal. As I said yesterday, this is just a buying opportunity.

    Gamecock did sell 12% of his equities 2 weeks ago. Not because he saw the drop coming, but because he needed some cash. Turned out to be a good move.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The DJIA rose almost 600 points yesterday to close at the same point it was roughly a month ago. What does this say about markets?

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