So what is Galloway’s argument? Patient readers must plow through nearly half the essay — though many lovely charts will aid the journey — to find out. Before getting to his casus belli against the SVTAJKSSM, Galloway first runs through a series of “valid concerns” to whet the appetite for antitrust destruction: The Four are really, really big. The Four are addictive. “Google is our modern day god.” The Four don’t pay enough taxes. The Four are destroying massive numbers of jobs.

But destroying jobs is the very point of economic advance.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I couldn’t think of a nicer thing than the Four Big tech firms being broken up and the ground ploughed with salt.

    But I am curious – what jobs has Google destroyed? I mean, google and US Steel are not exactly complimentary are they? Employing people in one does not mean you have to fire someone in the other. Uber, yes. But Facebook? Apple?

  2. Whenever I hear this argument I always ask if we should get rid of the combine harvester because that destroyed a ton of jobs in the fields for sure.

    The answer is always inevitably the same: “This time it’s different”.

  3. Bust up Yahoo.

    I did a search for New Economics Foundation, and after five pages of glowing love, not a single result said it was a socialist front.

    Let’s at least require the techies to publish their search algorithms, so we know their results aren’t trustworthy, and quite possibly propaganda.

    Let’s also require them to provide a search option to give us what we actually ask for. Seriously, asking for New Economics Foundation, I got a hit from a lyrics website.

    I’m surprised a website didn’t try to sell it to me.

    The search for New Economics Foundation produced 169,000,000 hits. Yahoo is not serving the public need.

  4. Spot on Tim, destroying jobs is what its all about.

    Over the years I have known plenty of managers quite happily introducing savage cuts to jobs and conditions and pay whilst at the same time preaching about the good of it all for the company.

    One by one they get moved out of the way too….the grunts at the bottom of the heap get moved up the ladder to do their work.

    its always been a long standing joke at the company I work for when matters of discipline or sickness gets raised and workers get threatened with the door….they just tell the boss I will be around long after you have gone.

  5. Destroying jobs is not what it’s about. Satisfying consumer desires is what it’s about. The garage start-up identifies a new consumer desire and borrows money and hires 100 people to satisfy it. Then they sell out to a conglomerate that figures out how to perform the same functions with only 10 people. Each step supports economic advance. We are now doing something new, with somewhat more than 0 employees but fewer than it used to take.

    Google uniquely satisfies a consumer desire (web navigation costing only one’s personal privacy) and is trying to automate everything. Yahoo does nothing, from information retrieval to unbiased news to social connection, particularly well, and is on the way to taking care of itself.

  6. Years ago when doing research I used to business periodical indices at the library. You could search on subjects organized alphabetically and then find lists of articles and other publications that you could lookup (often on microfiche) and read. The indices, of course, were thick volumes organized by year, so you could plough through several years worth.

    A google search can do in seconds what once took hours. A quick Wikipedia read can sometimes give you the gist of something (I’m aware of it’s numerous errors) and there is usually a bibliography at the end where you can look up more.

    I assume people used to compile those indices.

  7. Bust them up because they are lying left-scum spreading CM propaganda.

    But Galloway is talking via his front man Hugh Jarse. How can there be whinging about TOO BIG from a turd who wants the scum of the state to run everything and have its fucking nose stuck in everywhere?

  8. Whenever I hear this argument I always ask if we should get rid of the combine harvester because that destroyed a ton of jobs in the fields for sure.

    Why should freight be carried from New York to Chicago by railroads when we could employ enormously more men, for example, to carry it all on their backs?
    ‘Economics in One Lesson’ (1946) Henry Hazlitt

  9. Bloke in North Dorset


    I can’t find it but some research was done in to the value of the Internet.

    IIRC they set a number of students a series of questions that needed answering. Half were allowed to use the Internet and the other half had to use the old methods. Off the top of my head the time saved was valued at something like $19 using minimum wages, but I may be way out.

    I think Tim covered it either here or Elsewhere so perhaps he still has the link?

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