Jeebus, what a thing to complain about

The threat of homelessness is forcing thousands of people into becoming live-in property guardians, often in poor living conditions with virtually no legal protection, according to a new report.

Erm? Very low or even rent free and peeps complain about this?

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  1. The people I’ve known in London to do this are people in their 20s who have unconventional jobs and/or are coders or entrepreneurs who do it for the space, location and cheapness.

    It’s a considered choice

  2. Yet five years earlier, the complaint would have been: “Empty properties left abandoned instead of being turned into accommodation”. You can’t win.

  3. I did it for a while decades ago. I also had to feed the cat. So you are to imagine me opening the kitchen window on a winter night and bellowing into the darkness “Petticoat!”.

  4. It’s only a couple of years since the Grauniad was running articles on these building sitters saying how wonderful a gig it was.

  5. @ dearieme
    Some friends of my parents had a cat called “Whisky” when they moved into a rather nice housing estate occupied by young/middle-aged ICI executives and their wives.

  6. I was going to do this a year or so ago, so researched thoroughly.

    The ‘lack of legal protection’ is that you don’t get a tenancy agreement, with all the associated protections – a nightmare for a landlord if you get a nuisance tenant who refuses to pay rent. What you get instead is a contract, the most onerous term of which (from the several examples I saw) is that you will get at most 2 weeks to vacate. Two of the companies I was dealing with stated that in any case, they almost always had other available property and while the notice period could be a week, it almost never was (usually 2 months).

    The cost for 2/3 bed place was about £250 – £300 pcm (normally £700 – £1000 for an assured shorthold tenancy). I wasn’t looking anywhere near London.

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