Nope, he doesn’t understand human rights either

I wish I could believe that workers, part-timers, gays, lesbians, any minority, the armed forces, those with disabilities, women, new parents and children will be as secure in their rights without a court that has shown its willing to protect them.

ECHR is not an EU institution and we’re not leaving it either.

34 thoughts on “Nope, he doesn’t understand human rights either”

  1. The man is cracking up

    I wish I could believe that my future is safer by breaking ties with our neighbours

    Or that I will travel as freely when my passport is less acceptable

    I wish I could believe my human rights will be as protected under the governments we elect that are dedicated to their erosion

    Or that tax cooperation will continue when we are dedicated to tax competition

    I wish I could believe that putting barriers to trade in the path of British exports will make people in this country better off

  2. He’s going for that lofty ‘I have a dream’ type of speech.

    The man’s ego knows no boundaries and his talents know no beginnings.

  3. Although we could secede from the ECHR, something we couldn’t do while in the EU, where it’s a condition of membership.

  4. ‘I wish I could believe we’ll still have peace in Europe when our leaders stop meeting and getting to know each other, often’

    I’d say he is in need of some psychiatric help, and indeed has been for some time. Besides which how does he think the people of Eastern Ukraine feel about his notion of ‘peace in Europe’. What an utter moron

  5. Andrew, yes the MLK connection has occurred to me before with Murphy’s asinine lists.

    “I have a dream. It’s that everybody pays more tax. And it’s always wet.”

  6. I may be misinterpreting this, but I’m not sure the usually excellent Robert Ley is saying what Murph and the gang of lickspittles think he is saying.

  7. We should indeed jettison the ECHR.

    It is a waste of ink. Every “right” has printed below it the antidote the state needs to revoke said “right”.

    All defined just as loosely as any political scumbag could wish.

  8. It puzzles me that people think that travel will become more difficult after Brexit. What do they think will change? Just about every time I go through an airport, I have to show a passport, even for intra UK flights.

  9. @Diogenes – they seem to be labouring under the misconception that visa-free travel is a function of EU membership. When it isn’t.

  10. “Or that I will travel as freely when my passport is less acceptable”

    Spud has an Irish passport, so not sure why he’s even worried about it.

  11. Plus, they seem to think so little of the EU and of other EU countries that they might require visas of UK nationals post-Brexit…

  12. Every “right” has printed below it the antidote the state needs to revoke said “right”.

    Except torture (Article 3) and the amended version of the abolition of the death penalty (Article 1 of Protocol 6 – Article 2 only allows exceptions in time of war).

  13. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    He’s trying to adopt the social justice lingo all the cool purple-haired #woke kids are using on Twatter, but being Ritchie he’s doing it with all the grace and subtlety of a masturbating orangutan.

    Didn’t even mention transgenders, transracialists, or people who identify as Bob Carolgees. Sad!

  14. I thought that the idea oft the EU as a benevolent force for good was the sanctuary of bed wetting teenagers. Seemingly not.

  15. Bloke in North Dorset


    “Britain doesn’t have any courts of its own?”

    The left hasn’t quite finished their project to take full political control of the judges and need a backup.

    Talking of political judges, have you seen TimN’s post on the subject?

  16. “Yep, no mention of trans in that list, the fucking hater.”

    Perhaps of an evening and behind the closed curtains of a certain unimpressive end terrace in Ely, a man in a wig with garish lipstick dressed as a female British Rail employee directs the trains around the model railway…..

    Choo Choo!

  17. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    Candidly, it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the tax justice again.

  18. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Usually woke bros and soy boys are mouthing SJW platitudes in hopes of getting a leg-over from some purple-haired hetero-curious witch. What on earth can Murphy’s game be?

  19. Candidly, the UK populous aren’t to be trusted to elect a government that will enact policies that I approve of, so the UK populous and its government must be constrained by foreign powers.

  20. Bloke in Costa Rica

    SS2: I have a feeling he might have been the model for some of the nastier creatures on recent versions of Doctor Who.

  21. Hmmm . . . I think I’ve heard this pleading before:

    ‘How can people be so heartless
    How can people be so cruel
    Easy to be hard
    Easy to be cold

    How can people have no feelings
    How can they ignore their friends
    Easy to be proud
    Easy to say no

    Especially people who care about strangers
    Who care about evil and social injustice
    Do you only care about the bleeding crowd
    How about a needy friend
    I need a friend’

    Three Dog Night, 1969

  22. @Gamecock

    I really like the old folk
    They’re kind, polite and sweet
    But they will keep on insisting
    on having food to eat.

    Why don’t they stop complaining?
    Why don’t they stay in bed?
    They’ve not got much to moan about
    Christ knows, they’ll soon be dead.

    M Thatcher aged 11 3/4

  23. Off Topic but just listen to all the shroud waving virtue signalling coming from the left about the guy who died in Westminster tube station. Maybe cold, maybe an OD, who knows.

    But from the flowers left by the Corbyn to the accusatory tweets from Labour MPs it’s so obvious that ‘something more’ should be done and this government/neoliberalism/greed is to blame.

    So come on Labour MPs – which one of you has a spare bedroom? Which one of you a sofa in your lounge? Why aren’t you on your way now to the underpasses to collect some rough sleeper and putting him or her up for the night? No?


    p.s. no way is my sofa free. But then I accept that these are generally problem people. With problems. And some people are just beyond help.

  24. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    BiCR – Tax Capricorn

    AndrewC – it’s cynical and sleazy but good politics, for two reasons:

    * Lefties love the vicarious thrill of pretending to care about tramps, just like they enjoyed the emotional theatre of pretending to care about the benefits-guzzling Third World randos we were, for some reason, paying to live in Grenfell Tower

    * The spineless Tories will immediately accept Labour’s framing of this issue and go on the defensive rather than the attack

    What would Maggie do? What would Trump do? Reframe and dominate, of course.

    And wouldn’t it be nice if we had a PM who was on our side, for a change?

  25. @BF,

    “Chuffy, the naughty steam engine, disapears into the tunnel. choo choo”

    exits left to get the mindbleach

  26. SS2: Jizza’s bogus compassion could indeed quickly be deflated and destroyed were it not for the spineless left-arse kissing of BluLabour.

    It is highly likely the dead tramp–for that is the reality–has been offered help and places to stay on numerous occasions as the vast majority have. Because of addiction and/or mental illness the majority of rough sleepers won’t take what has been offered.

    Jizza’s bogus compassion needs to be taken down. The FFC doesn’t have the balls for it as she is full of BluLab shite herself. Also the crafty antics of the BBC ensure only Jizz’s capers go out in a good light.

    24 hours to permanent shutdown of the BBC.

  27. As well as dead tramps, WatO was banging on about the security meeting in Munich – after Brexit will we still be able to share security info between MI6/DGSE/BND? With no-one, apparently, allowed to ask “WTF is this to do with the EU”.

    Not that we share much with them anyway, given that the Septics know that sharing info with France is pretty much the same as sharing it with Russia.

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