Not much longer and he’ll die

A gangster has gone three weeks without a bowel movement in an alleged attempt to stop police finding drugs he swallowed.

Not from exploding though.

As a recent case explained- assuming he’s still eating that is – it will all end up coming back up the neck. For the poor unfortunate who was supposedly in “care” this meant aspirating it and dying.

Yes, it is actually possible to drown in your own shit.

13 thoughts on “Not much longer and he’ll die”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well, I might not like his crime, but I have to admire his commitment.

    When people tell you young people have no guts and can’t stick to anything, remember the unsung heroes of the criminal world.

    Although I am curious about *how* he is avoiding a bowel movement. You know, I would have thought some of this was a little bit involuntary. The solution is obvious though – just order him lots of food from the local Indian take away. That will get things moving.

  2. Customs and excise have always painted smugglers as moronic fools who can’t beat the system and tried to desperately cover-up flaws in detecting smugglers.

    This gangster in my opinion is doing this for a reason….would the drugs disintergrate safely in condoms or whatever he used over several weeks?

  3. That particular case was so obvious to me as a port of entry official that I actually started looking very closely at the other less obvious passengers in case they had set up these fools to distract us. You are right that clever smugglers are rarely detected. They also rarely go through the relatively high intensity screening of air travel where the amount of drugs that can be carried by an individual are rather small. Better to bring in tons by submarine at a remote beach.

    With regards to the drugs disintegrating, this is pretty farfetched. I doubt if the condom lubricant (which is on the outside) will the catalyst for a chemical reaction that destroys the opioid within a week or two. Also most gangbangers do not possess the knowledge of chemistry to weigh the chances of this happening vs. stomach and intestinal agents dissolving the condom container.

    My guess is that this sorry bugger is scared (not shitless yet) and this is the plan and he is sticking with it no matter how crappy the outcome. One does have to admire the intestinal fortitude to continue this long.

  4. He wasn’t stopped at an airport…so I suspect he aint been scanned and its based on suspecting him of swallowing.

    Tweeting “poowatch” is all very funny….not so funny if he aint swallowed anything and becomes a hero in gangalnd

    This story will end with he has shit and investigations are continuing in my opinion.

    A sorry bugger scared shitless dont stick it out for 3 weeks cos he is dumb …they shit within hours.

  5. BiW/JuliaM

    Btw, if he dies, his ‘family’ will try to claim compensation because plod prevented him from having a shit – even if they are the ones smuggling him the loperamide hydrochloride – because the right to shit in private is an ooman rite, innit?

  6. Sometimes a full bowel can make it impossible to pee and then he’s at terrible risk from his bladder. He would get warning however – excruciating pain.

  7. If he goes long enough without a bowel movement his bowel muscles will stop. Means forever afterwards unless he gets bowel repair done he won’t be voluntarily going to the toilet for a poo.

    People have lasted months without a bowel movement, in poor health and usually a LOT of pain.

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