Rhiannon Lucy is all growed up now

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t feel grateful for the fact that I am no longer embedded tit-deep in the feminist movement. Though I remain a feminist – my commitment to the cause is unaltered – it is a relief, not to mention immeasurably better for my mental health, to find myself no longer overly concerned with putting a step wrong somewhere and facing the wrath of, well, everyone. “Did you see the fallout from so-and-so’s column?” a friend who is very much still involved in the feminist media circus asked me the other day. “Nope, don’t care,” I replied. She looked at me with wonder in her eyes.

Women are so frequently pitted against each other that it feels somewhat disloyal to admit that some of the worst tearing downs to which we can be subject are often from other women – so much for sisterhood.

All of which makes one wonder why we pay so much attention to those not yet growed up?

7 thoughts on “Rhiannon Lucy is all growed up now”

  1. The RoP bleed-off has become a bit too much for her by the sound of it.

    She sees the Marxian sell-out to their new best buddies, doesn’t like the prospect and doesn’t want a future with a bag over her head. Even though it would likely serve the sisterhood right.

  2. “All of which makes one wonder why we pay so much attention to those not yet growed up?”

    A little cruel to Ms Penny there, I think.

  3. All grown up? Umm i didn’t read it like that. What Rhiannon has noted is that its possible to subject everything to feminist analysis and critique. She notes the effects of this are counter productive. But she doesn’t question the underlying theory. I’d say that this is the first inkling that that theory might not be as sound as she once thought, but the article still reads that she believes the critiques should only be applied to certain subjects and not to others, for example young shy, publicity photos of worthy blogs such as vagenda.

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