Henry Bolton has been ousted as Ukip leader after members voted overwhelmingly to back a vote of no confidence in him.

The motion, which was issued against him by the party’s national executive last month, was backed by activists 867 votes to 500 at an extraordinary general meeting.

But in an act of defiance, Mr Bolton suggested that he could pursue legal action against individuals in the party over his treatment, having made similar threats to senior party figures on Friday evening.

Quite why an unemployed man would sue over an unpaid job is a little beyond me.

As to the party itself, my party. No, think it’s over. Sad, but there it is. Having won the cats in a sack tendency is just too strong.

11 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Not so much Show Business for Ugly People as Show Business for Ugly People Who Really Really Want the Limelight.

    I think one of the great advantages of the three mainstream parties is the depth of their bench. They have a lot of potential candidates to call on. So they can screen out those with obvious personality disorders.

  2. @ SMFS

    Really, the LibDems and Labour have depth in their front bench? Pull the other one.

    Even the Tories are toting Amber Rudd as a potential leader. She couldn’t be worse than Fish Face but let’s face it a dead mackerel would do a better job.

    As for personality disorders, these are easy to spot. If they want to be a politician they have one.

  3. At one time there seemed to be a strong classical-liberal/small-state tendency in UKIP. If that is still the case then if the members move to the Conservatives or Lib Dems they may encourage those values within those currently statist parties.

  4. Yeah just get over it Henry.

    Threats…yeah I have had plenty!

    Trouble is when its done online they never know who they are making threats too.

    Several bloggers claim to have tracked me down with Anna Racoon saying she visited my house and had a cup of tea with me

    its all done by ip addresses………of course Virgin Media never
    have had cable broadband in that village.

    so whose house did she visit….well its Richard Doubleday of course….that aint me. that aint my real name.

    Longrider and the rest just can’t bear the truth, that he is an innocent victim and the crimes several bloggers have committed against him.

    You don’t have to take my word for it…hell no!!, the virgin media proof should have buried their claims , they wont accept anything .

    Nor will any of the cowards find out for themselves….go on soft arses contact Doubleday and tell him about Ranting penguin.

    They cant shut me up., they want me to fuck off.

    I’m afraid cunts….the shit could hit the fan any day, if he googles his name.

    I got me popcorn ready and aint going anywhere.

  5. The criminal acts have been committed and are all there to read online…proof of criminal acts….you know like a local mental health nurse revealing confidential information

    see Ranting Penguin blog……of course you won’t read it!.

    @Henry, thats where you are wrong, several bloggers have had a campaign of intimidation and threats and do give a shit if they have targetted an innocent man.

    The theme of the ongoing spat is me asking for proof of how those chose an innocent family and their reluctance to give any such proof.

    You see if its all based on i.p addresses and what was said in emails offline….not that the team will dare publish such evidence

    they never have…its all secret squirrel stuff.

    when Dioclese started this campaign on a half arsed guess and blagging….there never was going to any factual evidence.

    there aint any….and speaking to the victim and showing him the online nasties will soon remove any doubt.

    this one will run and run

  6. There are plenty who give a fuck…don’t worry about that.

    When several bloggers take part in online threats , revealing confidential information for the purpose of intimidation and then brag to their followers what they have done who then join in.

    The last thing they want is their credibilty to be shot down in flames and the little matter of a criminal investigation.

    They won’t engage with me on here… chance, they block me on their websites to avoid questions that they can’t/won’t answer.

    This really is a Daily Mail story and probably will be one day…hell the owner of the website who hosted most of the threats and publishing Richards address for months…works the government in Gibraltar.

    The shit could hit the fan every day….I will rant on , especially if the twats in denial keep posting shite.

    This aint over by a long way.

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