Some failure

The ideas of the modern left were primarily born out of a new kind of practice and some undeniable facts. Neoliberalism had failed. In the survival strategies adopted by governments it has become, as the economist William Davies writes, “literally unjustified”.

The socio-economic system which has caused the greatest reduction in absolute poverty in the history of our species has failed?

5 thoughts on “Some failure”

  1. Mason is the scum of the Earth.

    150 million murdered from the vile shite that he peddles but “neoliberalism” has failed.

    He needs to be hanged. Were he actually living under the socialist evil he craves there is a good chance he would be.

    After all they have no more problem with murdering their own vile leftist kind than they do killing anybody and everybody else.

  2. The use of the word “literally” is prima facie almost always a sign of unjoined-up thinking. Orwell had something to say about sich word signals.

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