State funding of political parties

A political group linked to Ukip has lost a legal attempt to restore EU funds that were suspended over fraud allegations, adding to financial pressure on Eurosceptic parties.

The European court of justice rejected an appeal by the Institute for Direct Democracy in Europe for the release of €670,655 (£587,389) in EU funds, which the organisation had been denied, pending an investigation by Olaf, the EU’s anti-fraud office.

I know precisely nothing about the details here.

However, look at what happens when the state, and only the state, funds political parties. Here it’s fraud allegations – again, I know nothing – but think of the power that this gives the authorities. Allege fraud, delay grants, party/organisation falls apart and, well, what does truth or reality matter?

But of course this never would happen, would it, the establishment would never be so brazen as to kill off, say, a populist party in this manner.

No, never.

By the way, how’s Vlaams Block doing these days?

3 thoughts on “State funding of political parties”

  1. Farage has also had his salary docked hasn’t he? To repay staff expenses not spent on EU business.

    The political nature of these moves is pretty obvious, and disgraceful, even if there has been wrong-doing.

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