That Anglo Saxon Wave

The European Union will demand the right to raid financial services firms in Britain after Brexit and hand its regulators sweeping new powers, as Brussels moves to shackle the City of London with red tape after the UK leaves the bloc.

How colonialist that is. The natives can’t be trusted to run themselves, send the gunboats in.

You know, sovereign jurisdiction is sovereign or it ain’t…..

10 thoughts on “That Anglo Saxon Wave”

  1. The Terriblegraph runs a lot of these “EU prepares to demand your firstborn” articles.

    I don’t know if they’re all written by the same hack but they all sound like they come from the same source, probably straight out of the press office.

    I’m not entirely convinced there’s much truth in any of them, it’s just part of Project Fear II.

  2. How does a raid on a financial services firm work anyway? Everything is digital – there aren’t any piles of dusty letters or incriminating memos lying around.

    Given that, what’s to stop the post-Brexit EU regulators from marching into the Frankfurt / Dublin / wherever branch and demanding access to the corporate servers?

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Sorry but Brussels wants the right to impose higher taxes on British financial institutions post-Brexit?

    That is so bare-faced, so shameless, so much chutzpah, I am actually amused. Good for them. Now let’s see the British government tell them to copulate with a air borne rodent.

  4. Fish Face would doubtless be happy to suck their legal instruments–but this level of brazen arrogance simply makes it impossible for even a shameless sell-out and traitor to give in.

    It all seems to be about the EU Grandees hurt feelings rather than even any clever ploys on their part. Like sobbing, jilted buffoons they are more interested in public displays than anything else.

  5. Someone should get a canera drone and hover it outside Juncker’s window whenever he is sober enough to attend his office. The feed could go live on YouTube

  6. “…what’s to stop the post-Brexit EU regulators from marching…”

    A button on the manager’s desk that closes the server links, nullifies passwords and wipes all local data.

  7. The Unused Testicle

    Stories (and I use the word advisedly) like this don’t benefit the EU politburo in the eyes of any thinking person. You EU members want to stay in this club? Where the dictators regard you as small pieces of fecal matter to be moved around the tubes as it pleases them?

    Live long and prosper comrades (but don’t bank on it).

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