The Anglo Saxon Wave for Brussels

Brussels is demanding that Theresa May submit to powers allowing the European Union to ground flights, suspend single market access and impose trade tariffs on the UK during the Brexit transition period.

Under the proposals, the EU would have unprecedented legal powers — without the oversight of European courts — to punish Britain unilaterally if it breached the terms of the transition.

Oh Aye?

A five-page legal text drafted by the European Commission and seen by The Times yesterday will infuriate Tory backbenchers who regard transition arrangements as reducing Britain to a “vassal state” after Brexit. The text calls for “a mechanism allowing the union to suspend certain benefits deriving for the UK from participation in the internal market where it considers that referring the matter to Court of Justice of the EU would not bring in appropriate time the necessary remedies”.

About time we told them to simply fuck off and die, eh?

For those are, quite literally, dictatorial powers being demanded by an unelected bureaucracy. For the temerity of our having decided to leave their embrace. Better to bugger off and rely on the courts than that, eh?

18 thoughts on “The Anglo Saxon Wave for Brussels”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I can’t believe there is a single principle May won’t sell out. Partly because she is weak and foolish, but mainly because she is a Federalist who does not want to leave.

    Time to think about what a sensible response to these policies is going to be.

  2. Given the fact that she has had to back down from openly backing down at least twice now , it is unlikely that even the ESpew are dumb enough to think that such arrogant cockrot would fly.

    The concern should be what the FCC and The Blue Jelly Gang will settle on as a “compromise”.

  3. That’s really rather funny. When I read the other day about the new EU regulations that would be introuced during the transition, my reaction was “so what?”

    The UK could simply ignore them, drag its metaphorical heels and wait for the ECJ to grind into gear by which time the two year transition period would be over.

    The Commission are apparently awake to the fact that the French have no monopoly on behaving like the French and, faute de mieux have come up with this fantastic notion that a once-sovreign country can be coerced and punished on the say-so of an unelected official in Brussels without any kind of legal process.


  4. I have to say I’m ignoring just about everything written about the Brexit negotiations, because as far as I can see its all bollocks on stilts.

    There’s only one thing you need to look at and it was the agreement that was reached before Christmas on the money and various other things, including the NI border. As far as I can see from that, the EU blinked. There’s nothing in that agreements thats too bad for the UK, the money is pretty much exactly what I thought we’d pay, the NI border has been kicked into the long grass, which is to our advantage. The EU could have dug its heels in there, but gave way.

    Wait and see what comes out of the trade negotiations, and ignore the shouts of ‘Betrayal!’ and ‘Brexit Nazis!’ from the sides, I reckon we’ll do pretty well out of the next stage too.

  5. I hope you are right Jim.

    Just as I hope you are right about Corbin losing the next one. He would for sure against a decent Tory leader but the FFC is in practice an ally of Jezza’s as far as I can see.

  6. What amused me was the suggestion the EU could prevent British airlines flying to Europe. A significant chunk of transatlantic traffic goes through UK airspace, so we could hurt the EU far more than they could hurt us.

  7. It was Theo who mentioned it. I believe it is an open secret that she is a piss artist.

    Didn’t know she had form for buggering off to other Parties tho’. Perhaps someone forgot to capitalise the “party” bit and she thought it was an invite to a piss up.

  8. “About time we told them to simply fuck off and die, eh? ”

    If only.

    Perhaps Remainiac will pop in and tell us that we’re all so fucking thick not to realise just how utterly fabulous….

    Otherwise, what Jim said.

  9. For myself, I’m not worried. No deal will be good enough for the anti-EU Tories and even if by some miracle a deal was agreed it would be given the “Non” by the frogs and probably others too for being to lenient / laissez-faire or whatever, but mostly it will be an excuse to fuck the Anglo.

    The fact that a “Non” on either the deal or the ratification would essentially mean hard BRExit anyway and is what most BRExitiers like myself actually want is not a factor for them. They just want to punish and embarrass the Anglos (pour encourager les autres) and in so doing will only punish and embarrass themselves.

    Give it 10-years and the EU will either be gone or a ghostly remnant of itself. BRExit won’t kill the EU either way, it’s just a symptom of the French bureaucratic scrofula that it’s had since its inception.

    Death will be a while, but the EU is definitely a terminal case.

  10. Isn’t this the sort of thing that kicked off the Opium Wars, the Siege of the Legations, The Boxer Rebellion, etc? European Powers demanding that European Law govern chunks of China.

  11. No problem. Naturally, GB will demand and receive reciprocal rights.

    The obvious problem here is that UK civil servants (being the treacherous nest of Marxist vipers that they are), will treat all pronouncements by Brussels as if it were the very word of god, plus gold plating the shit they really like (i.e. that which expands bureaucratic fiefdoms)

    The EU bureaucrats will treat such reciprocal rights as “in name only” and either ignore them completely or assign one powerless bureaucrat to it and say “It is being dealt with, these things take time because the normal processes can’t be applied due to the UK leaving”.

    So no. The only way to win is not to play.

    Dump our list of requirements (which would be reasonable in any other circumstances) and tell the EU to “take it or leave it”.

  12. “. . . submit to powers allowing the European Union to ground flights, suspend single market access and impose trade tariffs on the UK during the Brexit transition period.

    Why do they need her to *submit*?

    Just do it.

    But, in this case, I think the submission is the goal all in itself. Nothing is a greater crime than someone telling the government ‘Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.”

  13. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    It may well be bollocks on stilts, though our institutions have never not been zealous to act as the EU’s little helpers so I wouldn’t discount the shenanigans-inducing potential of these demands should we be so foolish as to agree to them.

    The problem is, the government demonstrably isn’t on our side. Theresa May has been handed by fate a number of free tries during her short time in Downing Street and has failed to convert a single one.

    I caught a peek at PMQ’s the other day and it looked like a cackling coven of menopausal middle managers congratulating themselves on their mediocrity. I wouldn’t trust any of them to look after my cats, nevermind the country.

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