The Berlin Wall’s been gone now for longer than it was there

Interesting, no?

Observation by MattL

9 thoughts on “The Berlin Wall’s been gone now for longer than it was there”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Old age creeps up on us all.

    The first African slaves ended up in British territory some time around 1640. 170 or so years later the slave trade was abolished in British waters. In 1833 slavery was abolished in the British Caribbean.

    Which means we are roughly in between 1. being longer without the African slave trade than with (1977 was 170 years after the end of the slave trade) and 2. longer without African slavery than with (roughly 190 years? That would take us to 2023).

  2. A good reminder that things we think are permanent aren’t necessarily so.
    We joined the Common Market 45 years ago, in 1972. As far as I recall, Euro-scepticism became serious in the mid-90’s, though there were earlier rumblings.
    The referendum was 2016. So we’ve been trying to get out for nearly half the time we’ve been in.

  3. That is a bit surreal. I remember the news on telly when it came down.

    Me too. Another slightly surreal moment – after watching a Laurel and Hardy clip I read their Wiki page – Oliver Hardy’s Father was a veteran (wounded) of Antietam. So I was watching a film by someone who’s father fought in the US Civil War.

  4. And now an East German communist is running Germany. I’m not sure the West Germans got a good deal out of the wall coming down.

  5. Rob – I read about the building of the B29, in the South.
    On the production line were older women. One was the widow of a Civil War general.

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