The Germans just can’t do it

The problems came after KFC switched its deliveries from Bidvest Logistics to DHL in a deal struck last year.

DHL said “operational issues” meant several KFC deliveries over recent days had been incomplete or delayed.

It added: “We are working with KFC and our partners to rectify the situation as a priority and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

But business is just so easy, isn’t it? Open the doors and the profits just roll in. Or so half the Guardian would have you believe.

The other half are so deluded they think the State can do it……not realising it doesn’t take all that much to cock it up.

11 thoughts on “The Germans just can’t do it”

  1. Perhaps the person in charge of this can disappear for a few days like the Oxfam Chief Exec and hope it all goes away.

    Or maybe not.

  2. As it was DHL they probably stuck a card through the letterbox telling the shop they could pick up their chicken from the local depot.

  3. Something seriously screwed up when your reason to exist (sell chicken bits) is curtailed but your own stupid decisions.

    I wonder what the cost saving of moving logistics company looks like now?

  4. The real surprise about this, is the discovery that KFC actually sells chicken*.

    Or, had chicken delivered to the stores, at least.

  5. That’s why my local chain In-N-Out Burgers have their own supply chain. They’re still family owned and will NOT expand beyond what their distribution center can deliver refrigerated (not frozen) material. Thus far, they have 5 distribution center (one for Northern California, one in Phoenix, One in Utah and one near Dallas). For those American not living within 300 miles of those distribution centers, too bad. For those of you that comes to Southern California, I heartily recommend trying them out.

  6. Also should mentioned that in addition to the 4 I listed, there’s still the original one in Baldwin Park in Souther California.

  7. I bet Prof. Ritchie could plan the logistics of a continual supply of chicken parts to several thousand take-aways.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    KFC here get their chicken direct from the largest domestic chicken producer, which has its own delivery fleet. If half the KFCs shut because they couldn’t get chicken I reckon it would be about 30 minutes before the first fires were lit. They like their fried chicken here.

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