The Guardian on Russian Trolls

It was from American political activists that they received the advice to target “purple” swing states, something that was essential to the ultimate success of the campaign.

Quite so:

To maximise the likelihood of your efforts making a difference, we’ve zeroed in on one of the places where this year’s election truly will be decided: Clark County, Ohio, which is balanced on a razor’s edge between Republicans and Democrats. In the 2000 election, Al Gore won Clark County by 1% – equivalent to 324 votes – but George Bush won the state as a whole by just four percentage points. This time round, Ohio is one of the most crucial swing states: Kerry and Bush have been campaigning there tire lessly – they’ve visited Clark County itself – and the most recent Ohio poll shows, once again, a 1% difference between the two of them. The voters we will target in our letter-writing initiative are all Clark County residents, and they are all registered independents, which somewhat increases the chances of their being persuadable.

8 thoughts on “The Guardian on Russian Trolls”

  1. Ooo Tim, you are awful!

    We could also mention the shameless “support Yeltsin” work so many countries did in 1996, who then appointed Putin as his successor 🙂

    Lesson: be careful interfering in other countries *democratic* politics. It’s something that can often backfire.

  2. Yes, Operation Clark County. Swung the vote by 3% to Bush. Would have managed more but hackers destroyed their database, probably Democrats desperate to stop the bearded Limeys from fucking things up even more.

    Guardian readers get quite angry when you bring this story up. 🙂

  3. Lesson: be careful interfering in other countries *democratic* politics. It’s something that can often backfire.

    Yes. Overthrow a secular dictator in shitholeistan in the name of democracy, then the people elect the Islamist Nutcase party in their place.

  4. Now if only some political activist had advised Hillary where to campaign.
    Plus I note that the various Russians have been indicted for fraud and identity theft, no mention of illegally interfering in an election, and what evidence there is for interference includes support for Bernie, Jill Stein, BLM, and the “Resistance”- basically anyone disruptive.
    Could it be that Russian efforts were geared to create chaos rather than to get a particular candidate elected?

  5. Yes. The Russkies apparently broke some laws and by all means, should any of them ever come back to the States again arrest them and put them in the stockades.

    However, there is something very clownish about the whole escapade.

  6. The Unused Testicle

    If the lefties are right on this, then they are stupid, vapid ineffectual buffoons who cannot run an election campaign. The intellectual lefty medias elite in the USA should just wear hats labelled “We is wankerz”. If they want to prove different, they should be tasked with getting someone other than Putin elected, using Twitter and Facebook. Think you can do that boyz and gurls? No, me neither, so SFU.

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