The majority voted to leave

Therefore a party committed to Remain would win:

Labour will win the next election if it becomes the party of Remain
Eloise Todd


Eloise Todd is the chief executive of Best for Britain

11 thoughts on “The majority voted to leave”

  1. The majority voted to leave. Lots of former remainers also now have been converted by the antics of the EU and Remainiac scum.

    ZaNu is flannelling desperately because it wants the Old Labour Brexiteers vote but is greedy and stupid enough to imagine that it can also get the well-off, middle-class, CM London Bubble scum to boot.

    To do what the silly cow advocates would sink ZaNu and were she not prime Remainiac shite she would know that.

  2. Actually, because of the massive Remain concentration into the cities, a pure Remain/Leave vote in a General Election would result in a massive landslide to Leave. What research that has been done suggests that a Leave Party would beat the Remain Party by roughly 2 to 1, over 400 seats to just over 200.

  3. Well Simon Wrong-Lewis “thinks”

    If the polls were showing a larger majority in favour of leaving, then there might be a case that a second referendum was unnecessary, but of course polls are now consistently showing a majority to Remain.

    But then he is delusional

  4. Jim – as general elections have shown us in the past people tend to focus on what is important to them. We don’t usually have a single issue party so hard to gauge that one issue makes that big a difference. Be interesting to see if any of the smaller parties do try going for the single issue.
    The big parties cannot afford to, they may win.

  5. @Martin: true, however if Labour became a fervent Remain party, then the data says that while they’d attract huge amounts of voters in urban areas (where Labour are strong anyway and win lots of seats), they would alienate significant amounts of voters across the rest of the country, which is not much good when you need to win marginal seats to win elections. Its pretty obvious that most of Labours success at the last election was due to UKIP voters defecting to Labour, not the Tories, especially in southern marginals, so if Labour become the remain party all those votes bog off again.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    “The LibDems went into the 2017 General Election firmly nailed to the mast of Remain. Remind me how that went.”

    That’s simple, Tim Farron. He could have promised free beer for all men and free ponies for all little girls and he’d still have tanked the LibDems.

  7. “It was about 50/50, if I remember correctly.”

    But those votes were not distributed equally across the country, so a FPTP constituency voting system would result in a non 50/50 result.

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