The power of neoliberals

Richard Murphy says:
February 13 2018 at 10:59 am
I have condemned those who abused when in Oxfam’s employment

I have said Oxfam made mistakes

Helen Evans said the government and Charity Commission did as well

And yes, it is a neoliberal plot

Never knew I had the power to get elderly Dutchmen to shell out for dusky maidens. The things you learn, eh?

18 thoughts on “The power of neoliberals”

  1. Detenidos el ex presidente de Guatemala y el presidente de Oxfam Internacional por corrupción

    On a local corruption charge with a load of other ministers. Still, falling like flies!

  2. Sorry, allegations of rape are because neoliberals?

    Your daily spew of ignorance and stupidity is occasionally worth a laugh, but when you start making statements like this you show what a truly nasty piece of shit you are.

    If I found you on the sole of my shoe I would not deign to scrape you off, I’d just throw them away.

  3. “He was Belgian….”

    People who can put mayonnaise on chips are capable of endless other depravities…

  4. DtP it depends whether he is a Flemish worker type with a big moustache who drinks beer or an effete Walloon farmer-shooter and pate maker.

    Surprised that Theo does not appreciate the amazing quality and value of Belgian food. It puzzles me that he is such a Clarksonite. Believe me, Belgian food is good. The best of French cuisine plus a retained focus on the farmyard.

  5. You have a choice of 20 beers and great food at Brussels South Station. My scores-out of ten – for food and drink at London St Pancras, Paris GDN and Brussels Zuid :


  6. Believe me, Belgian food is good.

    Well, yes and no. Yes, it’s good quality, but it’s rather limited isn’t it? One thing I noticed when I first went to Bruges was that the menus were all the same.

    I take your point about Brussels, but Brussels isn’t Belgium, it’s the EU HQ. On expenses.

  7. DtP: Taking the french to task on coffee? From a US perspective? Pfff.

    Diogenes: Paris GdN – have you tried Le Terminus just over the way? Spiffing brasserie, I thought.

  8. Indeed, TMB, not at all bad. And the idea of Americans serving good coffee is just as laughable as a president called Obama

  9. Jack C, Bruges is one very small town on the North Coast. But still lapin à la gueuze,, steak, mussels, all sorts of fish… And you are comparing that to…. London where the choice would be limited to 3 dishes. Or did you you just visit McDonald’s?

  10. Ooooo and in Bruges you would pay 50 euros for 3 courses rather than 150 pounds. But obviously London is better. I use London as the comparison because Ipswich, King’s Lynn etc are more expensive and less good than London. Brussels is more expensive than Bruges, but that is because of the yanks.

  11. for food and drink at London St Pancras, Paris GDN and Brussels Zuid

    Nothing wrong with the food at GDN. Finding a place to eat it without being accosted by criminals or standing in a pile of shit is another matter entirely.

  12. @TimN
    I can’t immediately remember any decent food and drink inside GdN (there’s a Paul once you’ve passed through Eurostar control) – but just outside (as others have pointed out) is the Terminus Nord. And Brussels Zuid is now OK (following the major rebuild), but don’t even think about setting foot outside without a bodyguard.

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