Vote Jacob/Boris

Leading pro-Europe Tory Anna Soubry has threatened to quit the party and form a new political alliance because of Brexit.

The former minister has called on Prime Minister Theresa May to “stand up to” arch Brexiteers like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg and “slung ’em out”.

She told BBC2’s Newsnight: “If it comes to it, I am not going to stay in a party which has been taken over by the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson.

“They are not proper Conservatives.”

It’s a better reason than many.

15 thoughts on “Vote Jacob/Boris”

  1. She’s got a nerve, I’ll give her that. Even by today’s standards, to claim with a straight face that it’s the others who are not proper Conservatives is breathtaking.

  2. MC beat me to it.

    And she is a crap local MP, according to friends who live in her constituency. And was a pretty useless (which given the current mob of elected proto-slime molds, takes some effort) Defence Minister.

  3. The Unused Testicle

    Well, no, perhaps they aren’t conservatives like Soubry, but they are undoubtedly Conservatives.

    And they probably don’t fit well in the post- “Nasty Party” created by Cameron/May, a limp-wristed, indecisive, church choir socialist rabble.

    Soubry is only an MP for the 3Ps; power, privilege and pension. The R word – responsibility – is in no way part of her job description. Better by far to pose as a decision maker than to actually have to think about laws and their consequences. Better by far to earn £74,000 salary and £203,442 tax free “expenses” and treat the Palace of Westminster like on old ladies coffee shop, a place to plot, fantasise and chat away the day, without the tiresome business of governing cropping up all the time.

    And if we’re not in the EU, what happens after the House of Commons? No way to earn the big money and playgirl lifestyles of the Kinnock’s and Mandelson’s of this world.

    Remain I say!

  4. Soubry thinking of leaving the Conservatives? That IS good news, not least because she’ll be out on her ear come the next GE.

  5. She needs to be told to shut her mouth or it is an instant T&S.

    The FFCs cowardice –or treason–has emboldened scum like Soubry. Dumb as the bitch is she must know that a BluLab schism =Corbog & McNasty. She needs to be deselected at once and emergency powers used to ensure she leaves with nothing –no compo and her pension gone.

    That should be joined by the rest of the 12 traitors and it made clear that the same fate–including the T&S–awaits any BluLab MP who thinks to join her. The booted also need to be told that they will receive no more police protection etc in future than the public ie none. So if anyone who doesn’t like what she is doing and endangering by her doing can come calling unimpeded.

    All of the HoC disloyal BluLab gang need to know they will suffer the same fate if they so much as open their mouths out of turn.

    The prospect of Corbog etc in No 10 is a national emergency by any standard. Drastic action needs to be taken.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    One of the defining features of modern “conservative” politics is that they defend whatever nonsense the radicals of their parents’ generation supported. They are not Conservatives in the sense of having any principles. They are conservatives in the sense of wanting to preserve whatever the world was like when they were 16-24.

    For instance, when was the last time the Conservative Party had anything bad to say about no-fault divorce? Even though it is manifestly a social disaster all around us. Abortion?

    You see? So she is actually right. The EU is what many on the Left wanted back when she was young. Lord Hume perhaps? So she needs to defend it.

  7. She’s in the same boat as my MP, Sarah Wollaston. Both were on a promise by Cameron, favoured pets, and have been frozen out by Theresa May. Woman scorned and all that.

  8. Who is this woman? never heard of her, and her threats are about as threatening as being savaged by a dead sheep, to coin a phrase.

    She and her kind are the reason we are in the mess we are.

  9. If history is anything to go by the new party will fuck about for a bit and then get absorbed into the Liberals. Go for it, Anna!

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