We are surprised, aren’t we?

“Moar Tax” seems to cover it.

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  1. Oddly enough Tim, your daily opinions on Richard are seen as perfectly reasonable comment by your followers.

    I can assure you Tim, I have dared to offer opinions in opposition to the blog host views and been called a”troll cunt” on many occasions.

    You however own the blog so you can’t be a troll cunt no matter how persistent you are in attacking another bloggers views.

  2. I thought Murphy must have watched ‘Triumph of the Will’

    That’s presumably why ‘will’ features almost as often as ‘tax’

  3. I have dared to offer opinions in opposition to the blog host views and been called a ”troll cunt” on many occasions.

    Really? I read this blog pretty regularly and don’t recall seeing anyone called a ‘troll cunt’, not even DBCR. Although I would not claim for a moment that posters here are inclined to mince words when they disagree with people.

    Tim certainly does not block opposing views.

    Have you posted refutations of Tim’s mockery of Spud? Again, I have not noticed these, but then again I don’t pay too much attention to Tim’s baiting of the eejit.

  4. @MC. I didn’t mean this blog.

    My point is that Tim’s constant opinions against Richard Murphy are not seen as “troling” just in the same way decades of abuse against anti smoking professionals by certain blog hosts are not trolling either…because they are the blog owners.

    its only when you dare to offer an opinion against a blog owner and have the cheek to make it a few times are you deemed a “troll cunt”

    Once convicted of being a troll you can be banned and censored and it all fits in with freedom of speech morals without the ugly scenes of blog hosts being challenged.

  5. But if you were analysing the last 500 internet posts about Murphy, I’d imagine a 26 point CUNT would be a prominent central feature.

  6. @Rickie – OK, understood.

    It’s the ‘my house, my rules’ thing. But. as i say, not all blogs declare opposing opinions to be trolling.

  7. @MC

    Absolutely not all blogs regard opposing opinions as trolling, single issue “cult” blogs like pro smoking loon blogs most certainly do.

    My house , my rules allows blog hosts to troll anyone they choose and sometimes in very abusive ways.

    Its the admin rights it gives them the moral high ground and diplomatic immunity from being trolls.

    Hypocrisy in blogland is rife and boy do they hate being reminded of it.

  8. Tim usually quotes a part of Murphys reasoning and then points out where it’s wrong, that’s valid criticism and commentary not trolling
    By your definition every poor movie review would be trolling, like there was the claim that people only downvoted the ghost busters remake because of the women when in reality it was not as good a movie as the original

  9. Tim’s been “Ragging on Ritchie” since 2009 , 133 pages , 20 threads per page, 2600+ posts of valid criticism and commentary.


    Honestly in the pro smoking loon blog world they hound you out after 3 comments on the dangers of smoking and then hunt you down if you pop up somewhere else in the cult and go beserk.

    Simon Clark leader of Forest pro smoking lobby blog wont even allow any negative comments despite a decade of attacks on Deborah Arnott (ASH).

    serious he censors everything…you can’t get one past him…of course he never stops banging an about “freedoms” if you see him on the BBC.

  10. BiS, indeed, real trolling is an art form. When Murphy accuses people of ‘trolling’ he actually means ‘fishing’ which while fun lacks the skill, beauty and efficacy of a real troll.

  11. Tim’s system doesn’t like multiple links, so I’m posting again without them:

    Okay, I’m going to comment just the once on this as it’s way off topic. However, if anyone is thinking of being taken in by Rickie’s pathetic little whine, may I remind you that as Junican has noticed, this is our old friend Dickie Doubleday and he is as usual being disingenuous.

    No one deleted his comments because he disagreed with them, but because he indulged in a campaign of sock puppetry, intimidation, blackmail and harassment.

    He first popped up at my place posing as Captain Ranty using anonymous proxies to disguise his real IP. He used Ranty’s email and Gravatar. Once I realised what was going on, I deleted the comments and banned him as I take a zero tolerance approach to such behaviour.

    What followed was the same pattern of behaviour that Ranty had endured – multiple comments containing cut and pasted off topic screeds and the words “cunt” and “fuck” pasted multiple times to make the thread unreadable for anyone trying to follow the conversation. I use WordPress, so with first comment moderation, I could clean up slow time with no one noticing. Ranty was using Blogger, so had to switch on comment moderation for everyone or leave it unmoderated and clean up real time, which was what he did.

    Full story here:

    Search my blog for Troll Hunters

    He popped up again a couple of years back on Dioclese’s blog. As with here, he behaved himself for a while, but a meltdown was inevitable and you can see our Rickie in all his glory as this one developed. Again, threats, intimidation, blackmail and doxing. He threatened to expose me to my employer, which was somewhat amusing. Eventually, Dioclese lost patience and banned him:

    Dioclese’s blog 05/01/2016 – Better Late Than Never

    If you want to see what Ranty had to deal with, an example of Rickie/Dickie Doubleday in full unmoderated glory can be seen over at the Ranting Penguin where he has left over 2,000 comments on what is now an abandoned blog.

    The Ranting Penguin. The first post you come to.

    Shortly before she died, he turned his attention to Anna Raccoon. He underestimated her because, despite suffering stage four lung cancer, she tracked him down and paid him a visit. Didn’t stop the nasty little creep from continuing his online harassment of her, though.

    As for the complaint made ad nauseum, Blog owners do not delete comments because someone disagrees with them. Indeed, at the moment there is a discussion going on over at mine where an unreconstructed socialist is trying to hold his own. None of his comments have ever been deleted, just as another socialist who pops in from time to time has not been deleted. Ricke/Dickie Doubleday got deleted and banned for very specific behaviour – he is one of only two people in around fourteen years of blogging.

    Okay, I’m not going to say any more here for the reasons stated above. If anyone wants to discuss it further, you can find me easily enough.

  12. The post above will stay above of yet another reminder of how fucking stupid bloggers can be when they target an innocent man and subject him to online abuse/intimidation/threats and reveal his financial history, his bankrupcy, even a former mental health nurse (anothe blogger) revealed details of his personal records and mention a still serving doctor at that clinic.

    His address has been posted in umpteen places.

    Richard Doubleday is an innocent victim…don’t take my word for it,anyone can contact him themselves.

    I have a feeling the continued abuse of this man will not end till the police come knocking at bloggers doors.

  13. Why don’t you grow a pair of balls Longrider and contact Richard Doubleday yourself.

    Discuss it futher with the victim…..you can find him easily enough.

  14. And the rest of you lurkers who still hide behind the little old dead lady’s skirt.

    There is an innocent victim unware of the crimes committed against him.


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  16. No balls then Longrider?

    You seem to be the shitipedia authority on all things Dickie Doubleday for years now, yet wont contact the person who you claim to be him.

    you don’t have to contact him…get someone else to do it.

    You can still hide behind someone else.

    Any lurkers confused about the previous comments…its all about mistaken identity and online crimes against an innocent man.

    The shit must hit the fan when Richard Doubleday is aware of whats been posted about him.

    Longrider dosen’t want to be the one who tells him….lol

  17. @Anon/Ricky/DD

    Everything Longrider says about you is 100% true. If you must know, I was the one who called you out on Diocles’s blog, just after New Year 2016.

    The nurse you mention a few posts back – would that be Pat Nurse, of the Tea and Cigarettes blog that YOU actually SUCCEEDED in shutting down with your trolling? I certainly wouldn’t blame her for publishing your details.

    You are just a nobody, with no respect for anyone or their property, not least a dying woman who had more courage than you could ever hope for, you nasty little fuck.

    I’ve been watching you since you tried to shut down Ranty’s blog and when you pop up anywhere, I will always be there to warn other blogs – like Head Rambles and Frank Davis, where you ended up after Dioclese banned you – and he never bans anyone.

    Anyway, you have your own blog so why not fuck off back there and give everyone else some peace.

  18. Ripper, join the queue of twats who think that the family who has been abused, threatened,intimidated online by several bloggers deserves this.

    That man is an innocent victim….this abuse will hang round the necks of those who carried it out…they wont contact Richard Doubleday for fear of finding out the truth.

    The mental health nurse is man, he has decided to post online private medical history about doubleday inluding the still serving doctors name at a clinic in Norwich.

    The blog you mention is also part of the intimidation against the victim

    Its online abuse by trolls….blindly following soft arsed tales by Anna Racoon and dioclese will not change anything.

    This really is a police matter…..and those who continue with this abuse like Longrider and dioclese deserve to find out the truth the hard way.

    I have me popcorn ready.

  19. the mental health nurse is known to me….not just daft blog name.

    That twat still prefers online abuse…hoping and hoping I dont know who he his….he cant work out how I know.

    I just do you prat….and with your very unusual surname …. the clinic and Nhs will soon track you down.

    Think on soft cunt.

  20. Anon – its just like last time on Longrider’s blog – everyone and his dog knows who you are, your ramblings are so trademark that no amount of name obfuscation can hide you. Then when you get called out for what you are you throw tantrums and start making empty threats.

    You call all these blogs rubbish. Well, if they are so rubbishy what are you doing there in the first place? If you don’t like the blog then don’t go there. Dio’s blog was great according to you, that is, until you pissed him off so much he banned you – then the blog was suddenly rubbish. Hypocrite.

    Everybody also knows your address and other details about you – and that’s not because of the bloggers you so hate. All the relevant info is available via a simple Google search.

    Have you noticed that you are the only one proclaiming Richard Doubleday to be an innocent victim? I have, and if I didn’t know better I would swear that you and him are one and the same – same writing style, same falling back on anon, same ranting about how innocent yo.. er sorry, Ricky is. Same as last time you got caught out.

    If you don’t want the ‘abuse’ as you call it, then don’t piss people off with your relentless dross.

  21. Richard Doubleday is a real person living at that address in Norfolk, I have no doubt the details of his finances, his medical history are correct.

    The threats and intimidation started by dioclese who posted a random address based on a blog name which was blindly followed by Anna Racoon who has a following who would never doubt anything she posts has led to a mountain of abuse, threats,intimidation.

    You dont have to believe me, you can bury your head in the sand like the rest…..that man is not me.

    Anyone can take whatever investigations they like and find out for themselves….I wont be the one who informs him, that should be the twats who fucked up.

    stories like Longriders above keep the abuse going….it changes nothing, the truth of the innocent family in Norfolk wont go away or be proven different to what I have said.

    Crimes have been committed, the online history cant be erased, this nightmare aint going away.

    hoping I admit to being him, or get caught out is one of the reasons Longrider posted the above.

    It can’t happen…not ever.

    I am not Richard Doubleday.

    What you wankers have posted about him is your problem….if you havent the bollocks to contact the victim, why not ask Dioclese where the address came from.

    Cos its not mine…lol

  22. @Longrider, would you like to prove your point about my so called meeting with Anna and the stuff only me and her could have known cos it wasnt posted online…lits all in that email!!

    While you are finally proving me wrong, why not spill the beans about how the addresse was found.

    Its all sorted then aint it

    There aint any need for all the tippy toes diddling about not revealing facts is there.

    You have so much to say about everything,inviting questions for those who want to know more, but fuck all about facts.

    If you have proof….why are you so scared to post them, why wont anyone else do it either

  23. Come on Longrider….you came to this blog and now have nothing to say.

    Im sure there is a lot of posters on this blog want to know what proof was there which led to the abuse online

    Whats been the big secret, thousands of posts on ranting penguin still never got anyone to reveal proof.

    You see onlookers….192.com was used based on a blog handle last seen on the tinternet 5 years ago, hoping that name is real and that person lives at that address and none of the other ones in Norfolk.

    Fuck all to base the abuse that followed….and a quick contact with that man will reveal the truth.

    Surely he will go to the police..

    Come on Longrider….stop hiding and back it up with facts for once

  24. Yes that is the tale, I like the bit about her not having an ip address with her and how she was wondering if any of the neighbours was called Richard.

    Oh by the way the mental health nurse is the blocked dwarf, he revealed Doubleday mental health history.

    Thats the man who posted confidential medical information….got a link to that shit have you Adrian?

  25. Nice of him to reveal that shit, mind you his hero Anna Racoon posted about Richards wifes cancer.

    Her wrongful accusations lark ended with her doing just that.

    She preferred the tale of the brave old lady taking on trolls rather than the embarrassing epsiode that occured, with dioclese busy trying to convince her online.

    Fucking forensic labs and scanners and just by chance her Richard she had tracked down matched diocleses….utter shite.

    Racoon and Dioclese both maintained 100% silence on the matter….those cunts preferred online credibilty and fuck the truth and all the abuse that followed

    Please read the tale…..the shite is childish nonsense, and while you are at it….try and find the harassment that drove her to the house….thats missing too.

  26. “Oh by the way the mental health nurse is the blocked dwarf,”

    Uhm no. You are perhaps confused, I have stated more than once that I care for my mentally ill wife? Not being a nurse or having any access to mental health records it seems unlikely to me that I would have released your mental health history (although I’m sure you have one) but perhaps you can refresh my memory with a link?
    Yes my Xian name is ‘Adrian’ , how clever of you to remember. I suppose I should feel gratified. If you really wrack your brain you many even recall the name of the town I live in and even one of my surnames (I’ve had 4 or 5)…both of which i have mentioned on occasion.

    Surely ‘his heroine’ and yes she was?

  27. I indeed know a lot about you Adrian, and the priory should really be informed.

    The police will then deal with the abuse of Richards confidential mental health information leaked as part of intimidation.

    You see old cunt….once the wrong man was chosen as the target the ball. started to roll.

    Dioclese was warned

  28. “the priory should really be informed.”

    Now you really are confused. I assume you mean The Priory ? A place I have never had any connection with whatsoever.
    Amusing really, I have never made any secret of who I am or what I have done-such as the fact I am *horrible cringe-worthy turn of phrase* a ‘recovering alcoholic’ (perhaps where your confusion about ‘the priory’ arose?).

    I await your next ‘revelation’ with baited breath, perchance that my German wife speaks German?

  29. There is no confusion, the revelations were all yours for the purpose of intimidation.

    I know for a fact you were a mental health nurse.

    Shall I contact the priory and inform the serving doctor about the revelations.

    It seems only fair you should be informed and have your blessing

  30. Shall I contact the priory and inform the serving doctor about the revelations.”

    Please do…you might,finally, get the help you obviously so badly need.

  31. Thanks for your approval Adrian, i’m sure you will be able to bounce back from your lack of judgement and stupidity.

    I know you have had a sad life, food banks and all the baccy runs lark, how are Steve and of course the scruffy dirty twat Mick?

    I know the “baccy runs” company folded, whatever happened to the import lark?, you were all set for the big time with yer gadget.

    The chancers have gone quiet for some time, it wasnt that long ago they were britains most wanted crooks.

  32. Hey Adrian, I see you are making threats to pay a visit.

    I welcome any investigation of course, could you have stuff like ip addresses available and isp information. We dont want another half cocked visit.

    Report back with details won’t you.

    Could I make a suggestion….I know the corner shop robber look about you is your usual style in “the unicorn”, but try and be smart but casual for the visit and refrain from that mumbling grunt you have.

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