We really must abolish the hereditary influence in politics

The son of late Labour politician Carl Sargeant has succeeded his father in the Welsh Assembly.

Jack Sargeant, 23, triumphed at the by-election in Alyn & Deeside as Labour retained the seat.

Inherited privilege is just so 19 th century, don’t you think?

Yes, elections and all that. But where they’ll vote for a donkey with a red rose on it…..

10 thoughts on “We really must abolish the hereditary influence in politics”

  1. It just goes to show how conservative the Labour party really is. Nearly as bad as the Americans, like that.

    I’d be happy to see a rule established that if you’re too closely related to any sitting or outgoing elected representative (at any level of elected government) to be able to marry them, then you’re not allowed to stand for that election.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Did he inherit though? Being your father’s son has all sorts of benefits. You get name recognition. Your father can introduce you to all the right sort of people – whether down the pub or in the local Trades Unions. He can offer sage advice about not only where all the bodies are buried but how to bury them when it is your turn.

    None of this is a bad thing. Political parties do show a strong tendency to become oligarchies. In fact when I was younger I think I read a rather dull book not only making that point but using that as its title.

    Because it is unlikely to matter in the long run – political life requires a set of skills that is unlikely to be inherited. A thick skin might be. A desire to climb the greasy pole. An ability to make the sort of moral and political compromises to get there. And so on. Which is probably why so few political dynasties – the Benns aside – actually do work.

  3. See also: Kinnock, Blair, Straw …
    At least they were politicians you’d actually heard of before. The BBC is also another hotbed of nepotism, but I can’t see any link between the two …

  4. I’m more interested in the revelation that the first Britons were black.

    I want to know if I can claim oppression or reparations or something

  5. The red princes phenomenon is socialist hypocrisy in action; but, that said, professions and vocations often do run in families.

  6. Socialist hypocrisy was ever the case. All in Russia are equal (apart from the Politburo and it’s neophytes). Well paid, cushy jobs in the council which never went to outsiders etc.

  7. Special case this. More revenge against Carwen Jones for driving Sargeant senior to suicide.

    There will be blood on the Senedd floor before too long mark my words.

  8. @DevonChap It’s Carwyn, not Carwen (“wen” is feminine).

    For interesting background, look at the Jac o’ the North blog (it won’t let me post a link).

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