Welcome to governance by the anal retentives

Facebook was yesterday accused of being in an ‘abusive relationship’ with its users, as MPs called for web giants to be regulated.

The culture, media and sport select committee told executives at Facebook, Twitter and Google that they have opened a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of social problems and have become so powerful, it is ‘time for rules’ to keep them in check.

Lots of people are doing something they like doing. Without being guided. By, you know, the Illuminati who ought to guide all. Therefore regulation.

There is nothing else here.

Try this thought experiment. If social media did not exist would these very same people be promoting its use – as properly conceived and managed by themselves – in order to something something?

Given they dropped however much it was on Lily Cole’s thing, yes, they would.

It’s about control by those who should righteously* control, nothing else.

*Definitions of righteously have been known to differ.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to governance by the anal retentives”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Actually I think Facebook is in an abusive relationship with its users. Especially those that voted for Trump. Or think that being a mentally ill drama queen with a desire to cut off your wedding tackle is not a good thing.

    But this is not a solution. They just want to make sure no one else can mobilise social media to challenge the ruling parties.

  2. Love to see what they have in mind for legislation. Knowing our no nothing no’s. Facebook/google will never be able to implement that you’re average 10y old won’t get round in 30seconds.

  3. “…Miss Stevens told Miss Bickert: ‘You are the head of policy management [for Facebook] and you don’t know how many developers [Facebook] employs or has working for it? I mean, roughly – hundreds? Thousands? A dozen?”

    I wonder just how familiar this MP is with the humdrum facts of her constituents (or the HoC staffing arrangements)?

  4. “And – astonishingly – the social network admitted that it has no way of knowing whether it took money for illegal political adverts paid for by foreigners.

    Facebook said that it was down to the advertisers to make sure they abide by the law, sparking a furious response from Damian Collins, the Tory MP and committee chairman.

    ‘It’s extraordinary. If Facebook was a bank and someone was laundering money through that bank, the response…wouldn’t be, “Well, isn’t that a matter for the person who’s laundering the money and the authorities to stop them doing it. It’ s nothing to do with us. We’re just a mere platform.”

    ‘That bank would be closed down and people would face prosecution. What you are describing is the same attitude here,’ he said. “

    Everyone and their dog knows that strict banking regulations have totally killed off money laundering, while not inconveniencing ordinary people one iota…

  5. Guido was not very complimentary about their decision to go to the US on a jolly for this at taxpayers expense. Especially after the companies had offered to send execs to London at their expense. Yet another exercise in virtue-signalling.

  6. There seems to be a weird view on the part of statist legislators that they can control the Internet. Good luck with that, but at least it should keep them occupied and away from things they can control.

  7. If Facebook was a bank and someone was laundering money through that bank …

    Wow, that’s quite a revealing analogy. The state wants the same level of control over advertising as it has over our money.

  8. “Wow, that’s quite a revealing analogy. The state wants the same level of control over advertising as it has over our money.”

    Not quite, in a utopian Courageous State advertising would be banned completely given the harm to society Murphy alleges it does.

  9. I reckon Google want to control our lives.

    I know when the missus pops into the co-op…cos I get a notification on my phone to give a review or share photos.

    Google don’t know my real name….fuck that for a lark.

    I used the names of old cats..always have done.

    No twitter or Facebook either.

    I aint Rickie either….nor Richard or Dickie…….thats a long story of daft cunts who are sure it is.

  10. I wonder if Facebook, etc have a tipping point at which they say ‘Sod all your blather and regulations. If you don’t like what we do or how we operate, stop your citizens from accessing our site’.

    The big sites seem to be run by progressives so if there is a tipping point we’re still probably a long way from it.

  11. It’s not just about control. It’s also about grandstanding MPigs trying to get their names in the papers. The primary purpose of the select committees of the House of Gammons is simply to give the porkers an opportunity to show off in front of the media.

  12. This is all abstract until someone at Fookbace or Loogeg takes a dislike to the politically incorrect Tim Worstall and decides to exclude him from timelines and search results. I’m guessing that they attach some sort of desirability rating with Choudary being a ten and Worstall minus something.

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