What is the relationship between the Daily Mail and Vladi Private Islands?

There’s company, Vladi, which sells islands. OK, nice bit of specialisation there.

The thing is though, every few months the Mail runs another large piece on how you can buy your own island. Through this company.

No, it’s not advertorial.

So, what is the relationship between the company and the paper?

17 thoughts on “What is the relationship between the Daily Mail and Vladi Private Islands?”

  1. Is this a question to which you already know (or merely suspect) the answer?

    Personally, I skip the island-for-sale bits, advert or not.

  2. Fascinating. Now trying to work out who in their right mind would want to own 12 acres of bare rock off the coast of North Norway. Unless one could find a way of marooning Murph there. In which case, worth starting a GoFundMe appeal. Sure you’d cash-in by the end of the day.

  3. Probably run by a mate of the editor or owner, or someone who gave him a cut-price deal in exchange for puff pieces

  4. Dunno the answer to the question, but I visited Mail online today and was absolutely horrified to see Herman Munster lookalike Marcus “Cvnting” Brigstocke (the world’s unfunniest “comedian”) leering at me in an Experian advert.

  5. The Mail is pretty naughty for this sort of thing, advertorial masquerading as journalism. There’s also a sugar daddy website and a rumour app that get promoted incessantly.

  6. @abacab
    80k US, no less.
    Personally, I’m sorely tempted by something a tad bigger off the coast of Brazil. It’s got it’s own church, so presumably He drops in by appointment, rather than all this praying nonsense. That’s what I call having organised religion.

  7. @Oblong

    One that annoyed me no end was a binary options trading scammer.

    Periodically he’d crash a gold-plated car or footage would emerge of him being carjacked or whatever, and there would be a puff bio about how this early 20s uni dropout was a business super brain with millions in the bank.

    His easily found twitter feed would, every time such a story was planted, advertise that there were a limited number of places coming up in his binary options trading “team”.

    Hate on the Murdoch press all you want, but at least the Times had done a proper exposé of him. Sadly hidden behind a paywall but I dou t the mugs would have gone looking for it regardless.

  8. To be fair what really annoyed me was that the Times piece was a highly rated google hit for the guy’s name and the Mail “journo” would obviously have been able to access and read it, yet the guy’s claim to be a self-made trading millionaire would still be repeated uncritically.

  9. @BiS – thanks.

    I just had a flick through the site, and judging from the prices of anywhere interesting or exotic or with facilities, the super-wealthy clearly don’t believe in significantly rising sea levels in their lifetimes.

    Aren’t revealed preferences interesting?

  10. The only reason the Waily Hate Fail is useful, is that they have everything on one page (with a separate page to quarantine the second-tier celebrity tits and arse stories). All the other papers are paywalled or have byzantine structures.

  11. @ Tim
    Have you got the name of the company *precisely* correct? It doesn’t turn up in a Companies House search.

  12. “the super-wealthy clearly don’t believe in significantly rising sea levels in their lifetimes.”

    More like they don’t care. I think you would be extremely stupid to keep your entire wealth on a low-lying island.

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