Who she?

Minnie Driver becomes the first celebrity to quit Oxfam in protest at sex scandal

One way to revive a career I guess. Haven’t heard of her since the Guinness joke in Good Will Hunting.

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  1. To be fair, we’re living through a change in the definition of the noun. These things happen, gay used to mean happy-go-lucky.

    “Celebrity” kind of lost its currency when 3rd division netball referees from Pitcairn were described as such on reality TV programmes.

  2. Whoever she is, it’s all about Haiti.

    Wasn’t the Clinton Foundation also involved there, and haven’t there been some raised eyebrows?

    I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    And reality lost its currency when television created a number of versions of Bedlam to entertain the masses and called the genre reality TV.

  4. Perhaps percentage of the local population engaged in prostituting themselves to westerners should be a country by country reporting metric by the global multinational chariddees.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    I know it is a bad thing to say but I can’t help thinking that the people who give so much to Oxfam would do more for the people of Haiti if they all used that money to sleep with Haitian prostitutes instead.

    Minnie Driver? She was marginally sexy even when she was younger. Now she is in desperate need of a reason to get the cameras on her face. I suppose this is better than porn.

  6. Of course Driver’s father, Charles, was a “City character” much profiled unflatteringly by Private Eye and fond of landing his helicopter on the playing field at Bedales while Minnie was at school there. Obviously this was before his insurance company collapsed taking $8bn of other people’s money with it amid allegations of massive fraud.

  7. File Minnie Driver under the Lily Allen category of rich hypocritical entitled media slebs, in the “old, tired, past it and never remotely attractive” subcategory along with Bono.

  8. #ME TOO.

    Yeah I quit Oxfam after this latest scandal…ok chuggers.

    I only give money to local animal charities, so dont come after me to adopt a bare arsed baboon in Malaysia

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    So I was reading the Mail and guess what?

    Oxfam trustee who made ‘full and unqualified apology’ to Britain and Haiti was given £670,000 pay-off by BBC over Jimmy Savile cover-up row

    She is a serial incompetent offender when it comes to sex cover ups! Brilliant. Please let her become the Head of Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford next please.

    But is anyone surprised by this:


    Charity fronted by former Labour foreign secretary David Miliband ‘hushed up 37 allegations of fraud, sex abuse and bribery’

    The International Rescue Committee, which is headed by the former Labour foreign secretary David Miliband, was given millions in taxpayers cash before the allegations were made.

    So basically we are all paying taxes in order to allow Leftists to travel the world on some sort of sexual tourism visa? I am going to be filling out my income tax forms with such a gleeful heart this year.

  10. Um, was Thunderbirds a big cover-up then & Scott, John, Virgil, etc were enjoying R&R the fighter pilot way, and Lady Penelope was running ‘Exclusive Parties’ at stately homes? Please don’t destroy my childhood illusions…

  11. The great thing is she is getting tremendous publicity for this, and when Oxfam grovel and are ‘rehabilitated’ she can get more tremendous publicity getting back on board with them.

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