Whose pension comes from the EU?

“Even contempt for ‘experts’ cannot obscure the evidence that the Johnson-led Brexit vote has already damaged and will inflict future harm on the NHS,” Kinnock said. “Meanwhile – vitally – Brexit has already diminished, and will continue to depress, the revenues on which the NHS depends.

“If Johnson really wanted the extra NHS spending, which is sorely needed, he wouldn’t be using the issue as a ploy to feed his lust for the Tory leadership but would be working to end Brexit.

“The truth is that we can either take the increasingly plain risks and costs of leaving the EU or have the stability, growth and revenues vital for crucial public services like the NHS and social care. Recognising that, we should stop Brexit to save the NHS – or, at very least, mitigate the damage by seeking European Economic Area membership.”

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Labour is currently backing a “jobs first” Brexit, but what this would mean in practice has remained vague.

    Not Jobs First for Failed British Labour Politicians obviously.

    Do we have some handy treason laws we can apply here? If the Poisonous Little Ginger Welsh dwarf isn’t violating one of them, he is close enough.

  2. “mitigate the damage”
    Another blowhard who has seen an impact report that says in a few decades of trade under various sets of rules we will be between 14% and 30% better off, and calls the bottom one damaging/harmful or similar.

  3. The ESpew had the NHS in its sights.

    I believe that they have commented several times on the far poorer results the NHS achieves over the results of individual European nations semi-private services. In themselves nothing to do with the EU of course.

    I don’t believe the Brussels gang made those statements to exercise their typing fingers.

    Once the EU had established sufficient unaccountable power then the NHS would have been history and the opinions of those in the former UK would have counted for nothing.

    Standard leftist hypocrisy from Kinnochio. He would be better advised to send girls pictures of his nose. Which must surely have achieved expansion beyond any other part of his frame after all his years of lying.

  4. Oh BTW–any UK citizen with an EU pension should be obliged to give it up or lose their citizenship and be deported to the EU.

  5. I’d say membership of the EU enabling several million people to come to the UK who are undoubtedly going to use more NHS services than they will ever contribute in taxes on their low paid jobs is pretty damaging myself…………

  6. I think of it as “Being in the pay of a foreign power” myself. All of those fuckers, Kinnock, Mandelson, Clegg should be labeled “EU spokesman” whenever they stick their head over the parapet.

  7. @Jim

    The “cost” of treatment is reclaimed by the host nation, UK in this case, from the nation of the patient being treated. This is true of all EU countries (I found this out while being treated in foreign).

    Doesn’t address the scarcity issue though, or the associated increase in use of non recoverable services.

  8. Kinnock and Mandelscum, unsurprisingly, working to further the interests of a foreign power. Seems like treacherous, though probably not actual treasonous behavior.

    Pity, I’d shed no tears at those two being hung, drawn and quartered.

  9. It’s a strange irony that a Labour leader who led his party to 2 humiliating defeats should end up arguably exercising more power over the UK than any Prime Minister

  10. @ Diogenes

    That’s by design. The abdication of responsibility by parliament (and the civil service) and subjugation to the ‘power’ of the EU.

    They want the EU socialist agenda to be stuffed down the British people’s throats whether they want it or not.

  11. NHS treatment in the UK is free to children, so whenever the nephews came over from Hong Kong I took them to the dentist and got them the full menu of treatment. I don’t have kiddies of my own, I pay my taxes, seemed reasonable enough to me, after all, Thatch had stolen their UK citizenship, they really should have been British by birth anyway.

  12. “The “cost” of treatment is reclaimed by the host nation, UK in this case, from the nation of the patient being treated.”

    In theory maybe, in practice, hardly ever. And anyway, as linked above, settled EU migrants get free treatment. Which would be all of them basically.

    I know of a Kiwi who was over here on holiday, got taken ill, had a heart bypass on the NHS. I bet NZ was never billed for that either.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    In order to bill another country you need to be able to justify the cost. It’s well known that the NHS is clueless about costs and certainly couldn’t produce an itemised bill for a heart bypass. (Or at least that was the case a few years ago when I looked in to it because I’ve always warned everyone who’s treated to b given an invoice showing the cost with it stamped paid by the taxpayer)

    To suggest that they should be able to is always dismissed as “wanting an American systems”.

  14. @Justin, February 18, 2018 at 11:57 am

    NHS can reclaim costs from other EUs, but they don’t

    NHS can charge/bill costs for non EUs, but they don’t

    Hunt/Gov’t tells them “Do it”. NHS staff refuse.

    Cost several £ Billions pa, more-so for hospitals near Heathrow etc.

  15. Kinnock: “…we should stop Brexit to save the NHS – or, at very least, mitigate the damage by seeking European Economic Area membership.”

    Much better, leave EU and abolish DfID & Gift-Aid. That’s ~£30-£35 Billion pa saved.

    May Gov’t Refuses to Consider Paring Back £13 Billion Foreign Aid Bill

    The Department for International Development (DfID) rejected an online petition signed by over 50,000 people so far, calling to scrap the target to spend at least 0.7 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on foreign aid, as it will see spending rise to £16 billion by 2020 and “could be better spent at home”

    It is not the place of the state to take my money by force and give it to corrupt political bodies such as OXFAM, NSPCC and such.

    Furthermore, once Gov’t (taxpayers) money accepted they are beholden to Gov’t


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