Wibble, wibble, wibble

Love Island finalist Olivia Attwood has shed light on the alleged Love Island gender pay gap, revealing that female stars were reportedly offered less than their male counterparts for the same work after leaving the show.

The women and men who participated in the reality television show, in which single contestants are sent to an island and instructed to couple up and find love, were given a variety of employment opportunities with outside companies after the programme ended.

Although ITV offers an equal prize for winning the show, regardless of gender, stars have allegedly found that other companies they have worked with offered women less money.

The jobs on offer included nightclub appearances, paid sponsorships on social media, media appearances and partnerships with brands.

Ms Attwood claimed that women were offered less money for these roles than the men who participated in the reality television show.

Different slebs are worth different amounts for sleb appearances.

Shock, Horror.

Kerry Katona will turn up to the opening of an envelope, Daniel Craig will not, their prices are different. Ho hum.

13 thoughts on “Wibble, wibble, wibble”

  1. Presumably more dim women than dim men watch the show, thus the toned male retards are more in demand for supermarket opening etc than their halfwit slut counterparts.

  2. If you don’t like the pay, don’t take the job. Thus you will find your true value* in the market.

    * Yes, I’m not happy with the term true value, but the principle remains.

  3. One hopes the people paying her make a deduction from the amount otherwise payable for having ridiculous false tits and lips.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    I would have thought that this is most closely related to porn. People are paying to see pretty girls without many clothes. Or at least what passes for both in this down market.

    You would expect that women are paid more. How many gay men can there be?

    She is probably so dim she has done the sums wrong.

  5. Don’t these people have agents? And don’t these agents try and screw as much money out of customers as possible to up the size of their percentage?

    So it seems that in general more women will be attracted to one of the blokes opening a supermarket than men will be attracted to one of the birds opening Halfords and so the price is set.

    Nah. Must be the patriarchy.

  6. “And don’t these agents try and screw as much money out of customers as possible to up the size of their percentage?”

    Don’t think so. Agent will be trying to maximise use of time.
    Will take more time – and potentially risk this and subsequent business – to bump a fee up from £500 to £600 (which makes them only an extra tenner @10%) than to find another envelope openings to attend (which makes them £50)

    Commission rates often incentivise volume rather than squeezing more value out of each sale.

  7. You couldn’t find a better example of our infantile, deranged modern political culture then this. In fact if you wanted to satirise it you probably couldn’t do better. No wonder Chris Morris isn’t around anymore.

  8. “She is probably so dim she has done the sums wrong.”

    Certainly not that bright that she didn’t notice the Bottox for her bum got injected into her lips………………

  9. “We never got an answer [to], ‘why did you feel that they should be paid more than us, for us all to come and do the exact same thing on the same day, the same outcome?’.”

    Because you would take it. You did take it. They paid you what you wanted for the job. What they paid someone else is not related.

    Today’s female declaration of dependence.

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