Winter Olympics being held in cold place!

Radio news in the background. Reports runs roughly as

“The temperature at the Winter Olypmics is – 10 oC”

Seems like a useful happenstance to me but that was the lead story on the radio news report.

Ho hum.

11 thoughts on “Winter Olympics being held in cold place!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Clearly it is being run by the same people who tell us British Rail can’t work because of the wrong sort of snow.

  2. I blame climate change!

    Didn’t the BBC mention that in their report? PyeongChang colder than usual because of…

    It seems that they can’t mention weather without adding on climate change.

  3. “It seems that they can’t mention weather without adding on climate change.”

    True. It’s a declaration of orthodoxy.

  4. I can never forgive the warministas for taking the weather away from the British as a safe topic of conversation.

  5. BBC are doing great coverage of the opening ceremony, they give you all the details of some Nigerian athletes mother who was married to an alpine skier from the Ivory Coast or some such bollocks.

    When the USA team walked on the camera zoomed in on Mike Pence for about 5 seconds…the fucking commentator missed the money shot and ignored him completely.

    He aint Donald Trump BBC!!

  6. They held it in Vancouver, and due to a warm spell (el Nino/Nina) they had to truck snow into some of the lower elevation sites.

  7. @BniC

    Similar problem in Sochi – Black Sea summer beach resort – it was too warm. This was, of course, used as proof of Global Warming rather than it being a stupid location.

    “Climate Change” – do not use this green diversionary & expansionist term, it’s Global Warming.

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