Witness intimidation now?

Having briefed the staff in the office in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, that an investigation was under way, the main part of the investigation commenced. During the investigation 40 witnesses were interviewed. While the investigation was still in progress, the line manager of one of the suspects leaked an investigation report to an unconnected member of staff.

This resulted in three of the suspects physically threatening and intimidating one of the witnesses who had been referred to in the report. This incident led to further charges of bullying and intimidation against these three members of staff.

17 thoughts on “Witness intimidation now?”

  1. You can picture the scene, the bullies threatening to come around to his house to initimidate him , threaten to post nasties through the letterbox. reveal personal and financial stuff online.

    It happened to me……….well it would have done if the online bullies knew who I was…anyway thats another story which will probably make the Daily Mail one day.

    I have a feeling the Oxfam do-gooders probably do it a little bit more subtle than my saga, probably they touched him on his arm to have a word with the victim and then produced a menacing smile

  2. Couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of cunts. You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh at Oxfam getting its richly desreved comeuppance.

  3. Oh, fer Gawd’s sake! Rickie just can’t help himself. It’s always got to be about him. He is the perpetrator here, not the victim. He is also a pathological liar.

    I’ll say no more here.

  4. As for the subject in hand – I’m with Patrick. I’ve despised this organisation for stealing our money and for its political campaigning then denying that there is a conflict of interest. And, yes, I do resent paying these people. Every single penny. So this melt-down is welcome. Hopefully we will see the whole sector collapse in on itself.

  5. Ritchie has made a career out of disbelieving annual reports.

    Yet when Oxfam makes unverified assertions in its annual report about the steps it claims it is taking to address its shortcomings on safeguarding, he swallows it without question.

  6. What you have said Longrider countless times is that Richard Doubleday deserved the campaign of intimidation and threats and was me.

    What you won’t say is anything regarding facts and evidence on how the team selected a man living in a rural village in Norfolk who is completely innocent of anything to intimidate online.

    Keep on running lad….the truth is the truth , you haven’t the balls to publish any factual evidence, you haven’t the balls to contact Richard Doubleday.

    Several bloggers have committed criminal acts….if you don’t believe me have a word with the victim or the Police.

    Its not about me…its about you fucking morons and what you have done to an innocent man

  7. Longrider thinks its Hilarious!

    There answer to my endless questions on facts and evidence is to carry on regardless with more criminal activity.

    You couldn’t make it up.

    That was one of two websites they set up to intimidate, 2 more blogs “Head Rambles” + “www.is-a-cunt.com” posted this mans address and revealed personal and financial information including failed buisnesses and bankrupcy.

    Richard Doubledays mental health history was revealed on Ranting Penguin by a mental health nurse called Adrian.

    Anna Racoon visited the mans house and revealed his wifes serious medical issue on her blog..

    The twat who started the ball rolling is “Dioclese”….he wont answer any questions, nor would Anna Racoon….nor will Longrider and the rest

    Fools following fools…….hoping i’m bluffing is not a winner honest.

  8. Okay, I’m going to break my rule just this once.


    Here you will find evidence of Rickie threatening to Dox me. These threats amount to blackmail – an offence that carries up to 10 years inside.

    He also went around places such as Dick Puddlecote and WOAR publishing my real name and details of one of my clients. Those were promptly deleted. I have given plenty of evidence of this man’s behaviour. I repeat, he is not the victim here, he is the perpetrator. He won’t go to the police because he is guilty of the offences that he is complaining about. More projection than the average iMax. And, yes the parody is hilarious. As spoofs go, it’s spot on.

    Okay, no more from me on this thread as it’s going off topic.

  9. Its where it all goes wrong for you longrider…….your blind faith that I’m Richard Doubleday and if thats the case I won’t go to the police….or if I am not him why haven’t I told him.

    Trouble is matey……….I am not him….i’m not telling him, you invented the shit on a guess and a blag not me.

    Now what?

    oh dear……….you and the team are guilty of one big fucking criminal mistake.

    I have tried to point you to evidence and facts………you want to ignore there isnt any.

    Anna Racoon visited him without anything with her………and left with nothing.

    There is only one person you will believe and thats the victim.

    Your absolute certainty and the rest of the lurkers that you have outed me doesn’t stretch as far as contacting the person you believe is me.

    Oh no….all the bravado and bollocks wont go that far will it…that niggling voice in your head Longrider is correct.

    The person doxed is an innocent man……nasty criminal doxing.

    Go on cunt….I aint done nothing for months…why not try Richard…SEE IF HE REACTS THE SAME ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE IN HIS NAME.

  10. What you have to remember about the famous Anna Racoon visit is that it was a juicy story for her blog….she just had to share how clever and brave she was.

    She wasn’t going to make herself look a proper prat about a tale of going to a complete stranger based on Dioclese address, so she invented a daft story that ended up with her looking for other Richards as neighbours.

    Dioclese wasn’t going to have it left as some kind of cock eyed tale so he tried to save his own credibilty by assuring her she was correct….and the rest of you tarts followed blindly.

    Racoon posted all the shit about forensic labs and then ended it all with a wishy washy tale about a nice cup of tea and admiring the garden.

    she didn’t post ip addresses……she didn’t have one thats why…the one Dioclese had proved it couldn’t have been Upton Norfolk.

    You fucking idiots had nothing but blind faith in Racoon despite her posting nothing that was in the slightest bit credible.

    Dioclese shoved up the address on a hope and guess and a reaction from me…….I gave him one and told he was a twat, after that he was never going to back down.

    Like I said……Richard Doubleday knows the truth and the facts are serious criminal acts against him.


  11. I think we have seen the last of longrider…..it’s the awkward stuff about facts and evidence and why he won’t contact the person he is certain is me.

    You have to laugh….the whole shebang of outing of me has ended up with the gobshites terrified of contacting the person they outed.

    That’s not how intimidation works soft cunts.

  12. I see all trace of originality has now departed for Rickie as he’s taken to cut and pasting stuff he’s already posted at The Ranting Penguin.

    All of this has of course been refuted and proven many times. He ignores the answers to his rants, ignores the evidence, ignores the proof, ignores the fact. He just bangs on and on and on like the fool he is.

    Anna Raccoon visited his house and spoke to him. He posted comments on her blog and ISAC containing comments that were made in the privacy of his home BEFORE Anna had published them. Proof it’s the right man.

    The letter that was written to the police and to him. He says it never arrived. Hung out of his own mouth as he couldn’t possibly know one way or the other if he wasn’t the right man.

    We know it’s him. He knows we know. He knows we know his psychiatric background and his police record. Of course being totally insane none of this really matters to you, does it Rickie?

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