Your aid required

The tagline for Continental Telegraph.

Current favourite is “Realists, not conformists.”

But your idea is?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Bringing Enlightenment to a Dark and Benighted Continent?

    Ensuring Europe is not as cut off as it used to be?

  2. ‘Tinkety-tonk’

    ‘A man is defined by his actions’

    ‘Not much off-limits’

    ‘Suck it and see’

    ‘Sticks and stones …’


    ‘…of the Hampshire Continental Telegraphs’

  3. “This is a place for free speech, but candidly, these are the seven-hundred and fifty-eight rules which govern my editorial control over this publication;


  4. More seriously, don’t go for something too earnest. Your writing is glib, and the tagline needs to reflect that. Things which mention “truth” or “realism” are too self-absorbed, I think. Something like “Calling it as we see it” is better, IMO.

  5. “The Great Pendant swings here and there”.

    Might be a touch obscure to new readers, perhaps, but that’s why you have explain pages.

  6. F * S = k.

    Always liked that one. That and “never stand next to someone who’s throwing shit at an armed man”


    There exist minds that think as well as you do, but differently.
    Worstall’s corollary: Richard Murphy isn’t necessarily one of them.

  7. “How the World Works”
    “How the World Actually Works”
    “The Truth, No Matter How Disagreeable” (or “Offensive”)

  8. “Realists” is obviously a prerequisite, but not a feature. Even Professor Murphy thinks his nostrums are grounded in Realism, because he defines it (editing the axioms of economics if necessary). Most claims of being grounded in reality are not made because they are true. Agree with Tim Newman, make it inviting rather than just descriptive.

  9. Its a sort of Anti-Guardian. So, it should be:

    The Continental Telegraph – Right about everything, all the time.

    or, to be a bit topical:

    Facts, not Feels

  10. JIm

    Could get some great bun fights if it lulled in sufficient flakes from across the pond. Isn’t that what got Tim the big views over at Forbes?

  11. The flavour is about right.
    Needs to be short, and no point being rude (you can have a whole relatively hard to find page with the ongoing series of alternative taglines).

    But I prefer the neutrally of nouns to the flip self descriptions, so

    “Reality, not conformity”

  12. Great looking site Tim.
    I suggest:
    “Now let’s see if that’s really true…”
    “Unexpectedly true and I can prove it”

  13. I liked:

    – Ben S’s “Telling it like it is”
    – BIG’s “Liberalism, but not as you know it”

    Adam Neusens’ “Trivial Pursuits” was good but probably too obscure.

    What about “Facts are sacred”, to wind up the Guardian?

    Or “Economic Offensive” – combines warfare and offending people.

    But the best one is the one you’re already using for this blog. Presumably as they’re both yours, there’s no problem with cross-use?

  14. I liked Matthew L’s “Evidence based opinions”
    Can I suggest a sub-heading “Speaking Truth to the Powerless”? or
    “Quis custodiet …?” – who guards “The Guardian”?

  15. I finished my workload for the day 20 minutes earlier than usual what with the end of this blog meaning fewer distractions.
    Hopefully the ONS are looking in and will include this improvement when they make up next quarter’s productivity figures

  16. Bloke in North Dorset

    How about:

    “and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.”

    I know its only half the quote, but you don’t want the strap line to be too long.

    Or a bit of Bastiat:

    “The unseen”

  17. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Out of interest will there be an RSS feed for the new site?”

    I just copied the home page URL in to feedly, works a treat.

  18. Tim

    If others have asked, apols, but are you able at some stage to do this on the new site – and more rather than fewer entries is good (just the last 20 is a bit rubbish if it’s getting busy).

    Ie, it’s often the comments (later after you have read something) that are interesting, but you don;t want to keep lots opem or always be on a thread by thread feed? (we all have our different ways…)

  19. As just posted at ASI in response to an article plugging this:

    Quite so.
    Followed Tim on El Reg and with his own blog. But this new enterprise requires one to “sign in” before you can even read it. Like the dying Telegraph.
    So, like the Telegraph, it can fuck off. I’ll just have to do without your (usually worthwhile) words of wisdom Tim.

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