Director breathes sigh of relief

Ian Stevenson says:
March 18 2018 at 9:36 am
Last night I saw on one of the Sky channels “The Spider’s web’ about the secrecy jurisdictions. I was able to put faces to people you have written about.


Richard Murphy says:
March 18 2018 at 11:21 am
I was asked to be in it and did not have time….

A shame. It is very good


It is good because who did not have the time to be in it?

6 thoughts on “Director breathes sigh of relief”

  1. Didn’t have time? When have we ever known him give up a telly performance due to lack of time?

    So which was it – did they drop him because he was too barking insane even for them, or did he try to get money out of them and they refused?

  2. Lovely exchanges at TRUK on the blog about Putin between Murphy and Ken W, who appears to be a fan of Murphy (or at least was a fan until Murphy was rude to him):

    “I admire your work Richard and have your book which I have read several times, (its also good to dip into on my kindle) but if I’m pissing you off so badly that you feel the need to make me to out to be something I’m not: which is what you are doing, and all on an evidence free basis, I’ll take myself off.”

    “You might be surprised. I’ve been promoting your website, book and views on economics and money in every argument and debate I have had on the issue for several years. Course I’m perfectly willing to admit I was wrong…

    – But I don’t think so.”

    Oh dear!

  3. The Spud answers;

    “With respect, you have made a series of unproven claims

    That is not a contribution to debate”

    So now we know.

    An unproven claim is not a contribution to debate.

    Hard to see Spud being able to contribute to any debates on tax or MMT using that criteria.

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