Philip Hammond is using the same basic plan as Gordon Brown, but taxing and spending more

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  1. I thought Brown a less awful PM than many do, and a much worse Chancellor. So the Worstall summary does not make my heart sing.

  2. @dearieme



    Good summary. Hammond is more socialist “moar tax” than Osborne. Neither has made any sensible, significant reductions in Gov’t spending by ceasing funding many of the sprawling empire of unnecessary Gov’t Depts, Quangos and tax sucking “charities”.

  3. Hammond is captive to the spirit of the times, engaged in a beauty contest with Labour for which of the two parties will borrow and spend the most. Unfortunately for us, Spreadsheet Phil’s principal card (a Conservative government’s reputation for economic competence) is a busted flush.

  4. Bernie G – it may be a busted flush – is it better than the hand we’d get with John McDonnell, Jeremy ‘I’m voting against the Labour Party 535 times’ Corbyn and Labour?

  5. Martin, yes, true! And in the old days, though people would be seduced by Labour’s jam today, tomorrow and ever more pitch, when their pencil hovered above the voting slip, they’d think ‘it’s the economy, stupid’, and do the right thing. Nowadays, thanks in part to the current government missing each and every target they themselves set, voters believe the Conservatives little better.

  6. I think the article would have been strengthened by quoting some relevant %s of GDPs – perhaps when Brown took over as Chancellor, when he finished as PM, and where we are now. I am under the impression most people don’t know just how much money it has become normal for the government to spend.

    In fairness with an older population that was a % that was bound to go up somewhat even without the financial crisis – is anyone more statistically aware than me able to hazard just how many percentage points are purely due to demographic changes? – though surely there is more to it than that.

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