Fun for Bathonians

Sir Roger Bannister
Gentlemanly athlete and physician who was the first person to run a mile in under four minutes, but was prouder of his achievements in neurology
The family moved to Bath, Somerset, when the war broke out. His daily walk to the City of Bath Boys’ School ended with a sprint up 150ft of steps, and he soon broke the school’s cross-country record.

City Boys’ is now Beechen Cliff. So those steps are those leading up from the station/Widcombe to Alexandria Park. Yep, they’ll get the lungs and legs working. I’ve walked them.


Gone ’round the other way ever since.

7 thoughts on “Fun for Bathonians”

  1. “Jacob’s Ladder” as it’s known – it’s a brisk climb, certainly

    And *cough* it’s Alexandra Park, not Alexandria

  2. Walked home after school from the bus station to Bloomfield Ave. but up Holloway (before the revolting jerry-built Calton Gardens were built.

    339 from Bristol (well Brislington) and up the hill. Come rain or shine.

    When I go back, not so often now, I go up to Alexandra Park. Good view over the city and down over Widcombe round the other side by the allotments. Quiet place, had hundreds of kick abouts up there.

    Next time, I’ll take the steps (to go down, I’m not daft!)

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It was Sir Rog wot handed me my diploma at my graduation. He gave an excellent speech. Top bloke.

  4. “was prouder of his achievements in neurology”
    That’s a pity – he missed a chance to tell the people running the honours system to swivel on his middle finger.
    Still, he stuck it to the Aussie so he wasn’t all bad, smiles

  5. @ Mickey Rush
    Sir Roger did things because he thought that they were worth doing, not to gain any personal benefit (apart from self-respect), so – yes – people respected him greatly.

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