Good headline

Let them eat hake

8 thoughts on “Good headline”

  1. Ok, nice title!

    But truly, do the home-based Brits not eat hake???

    Spain being the second per capita fish guzzler after Japan, eat everything. But hake, particularly is marvellous. Gently baked in the oven with garlic fried in olive oil poured over on serving…..

    Always been in favour of trade and more so in this case. Keep the hake coming.

  2. ‘Tim Worstall works at the Adam Smith Institute and Continental Telegraph.’

    ASI and CT are places?

  3. “They’ve managed to completely miss the point of trade, that we swap the things we value less to those who value them more, doing the same in reverse for those we value more.”

    You’d think none of them spent hours and hours playing Elite in the 1980s, wouldn’t you?

  4. We Brits overwhelmingly eat only the big five: salmon, cod, haddock, tuna and prawns.
    That is not true in plenty of other countries, where they quite like eating dab, hake, herring and mackerel.

    You charlatan, you omitted Lobster!

    Pollak is OK as a cod substitute, iirc not tried Hake or Dab. However, all the trendy &/or sustainable I’ve tried – usually in restaurants – have been meh, never again.

    Herring & mackerel are nice, but too bony.

    iirc most UK live crabs are sold to China – daily flights from LHR. Aptly demonstrates how China consumers value crab meat more than UK consumer.

    Discard: thanks EU CFP for forcing fishermen to catch, kill then throw away:
    It is estimated that in the North Sea alone around 800,000 – 900,000 tons of fish are discarded back into the sea every year

    Land it all & sell to whoever values it most – even if it ends up as BF&BM fertiliser.

  5. “Herring & mackerel are nice, but too bony.” Pah, you jessie! Kippers are wunnerful, and smoked mackerel, or mackerel pâté, very fine.

    Sole, plaice, and trout also v good. I first tried sprat a few years ago – OK. Flukes, aka flounders, nope.

    The fish in Oz can be very good indeed. The King George whiting is an example.

    (Off the point somewhat, but in my experience Oz fish and chips tend to be far better than ours, better even than ours in’t North and Scotland. Humungously better than ours in the South.)

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