Interesting from Google

Google has revealed a 17pc gender pay gap in the UK, although the technology giant says it pays men and women equally for the same work.

The internet search company revealed that the mean average for women’s salaries in the UK is 17pc below that for men, and bonuses are 43pc less generous.

The mean pay gap more generally in the economy is around that 17%. Which does surprise me. A tech firm has such a small one?

BTW, handy test for reporters’ ignorance. Anyone who compares this to the 9.6% average gap is spouting nonsense, that’s the median.

4 thoughts on “Interesting from Google”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    I should like the gender pay gap to pipe down unless it can produce statistics for scaffolders and prostitutes.

  2. It depends what you portray Google UK as, is it a tech company or is it an Advertising and marketing company?

  3. I’m not quite sure what Google does in London. For me, it’s an odd location. Most US tech companies have their sites in the Bracknell/Reading area.

    My guess is it’s related to writing with large ad firms based in London and special demands they may have.

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