Sigh. Just Sigh

Given that large companies are paying less tax the time has come for a corporation tax increase

The point of large companies paying less tax is so that large companies pay less tax.

Thus not something that needs correction, is it?

6 thoughts on “Sigh. Just Sigh”

  1. And more CT isn’t to fund services – it is to curb inflation.

    And inflation is too low.

    So this is why we need more CT.

    To reduce something he thinks is too low.

  2. Hey, when you have a vocabulary of 75 words and an IQ to match, there are only so many things you can type. In Murphy’s case, we now have the answer as to what one of those things are.

  3. more lying by Murphy too.

    He’s trying to claim that the UK stopped taxing dividends from EU subsidiaries. Obviously as some sort of evil neoliberal plot.

    But it was an EU directive.

    He’s trying to claim that this led to a huge drop in tax. But credit was always given for the corporation tax paid by the EU company before the dividend was paid to the UK company.

    My guess is he didn’t understand this as he’d never dealt with a case in practice.

    Otherwise he’d be deliberately misleading his readers.

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