So, all conquering England came fifth out of six then

‘Nuff said, eh?

9 thoughts on “So, all conquering England came fifth out of six then”

  1. One of the good things about rugby is not really caring that much about the result. Sure I wanted England to win but it’s Sunday. Already forgotten about it. Had they won I’d have forgotten about it by Tuesday.

    Triumph and disaster.

    Two imposters.

  2. It is a WorldCup tactic to put the other teams at ease when we come from behind and bazooka them. See the bigger picture.

  3. Just reading ‘Even Coarser Rugby’ again, and they were indeed golden rugby years back in the sixties…

    Michael Green only died recently, but his hilarious legacy lives on!

    The physical state of today’s players in a few years time will not be that good I feel!

  4. Not great for English Rugby, but surely, the chance of a win by another team must be good for the sport as a whole, surely?

    Besides which, the invention of sports in England isn’t about winning, it’s about keeping Johnny Foreigner busy so he doesn’t annoy us, and for that, he has to win sometimes. (OK, Paddy Foreigner in this case). And while we aren’t being annoyed, we can go down the pub, drink too much beer, eat foreign food like curry or donner kebab from a van, vomit on the pavement, and fart amusingly so long as it’s just short of a follow-through. There, Johnny Foreigner, take that!

  5. Nothing is permanent, and successful English teams are are as temporary as it gets. Think England rugby after 2003, cricket after 2005, and so on.

    English sporting mediocrity is occasionally obscured by non-English draftees, from Africa or the Pacific or Yorkshire, and very occasionally by space aliens such as Jonny Wilkinson.

    It’s no surprise that only England have yet to be beaten by Italy in the 6 Nations. Never that bad, never that great.

  6. Perhaps they can revive the Not Terribly Good Club. As former members of the Cobbinwealth and Briddish Empah my Springboks might be eligible for guest membership.

  7. Never thought they were that good, and I dont think they are that bad now.The selection of Robshaw has puzzled me for a while, Daly is a centre not a wing , Watson yet to convince at fullback( I like May at full back )…and so on , we all have our opinions.
    The pressure is now off..

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