So how will this work then?

BBC journalists to teach children how to identify fake news

Don’t they need to be able to identify fake news first?

18 thoughts on “So how will this work then?”

  1. “Hey kids, you see that nasty white man talking about mass immigration, rape gangs and terrorism? It’s all Fake News. Read this press release from PHE we copied and pasted about how evil chips are instead”.

  2. Following on from Anon above

    I’m Jake the Peg – diddle iddle iddle um
    With my extra leg – diddle iddle iddle um

  3. To be fair, the BBC doesn’t really do Fake News as such, it’s more a case of there being inconvenient stories they simply don’t cover, or allowing reporters to opine on stories from a biased PoV rather than just reporting the facts.
    Thus a narrative is maintained.

  4. The best thing at the moment is that, in their state of Trump desperation, they are publicising a porn star approaching the end of her career and giving her the sort of publicity boost she could only have dreamt of without the Trump angle.

  5. I’ve noticed particularly wrt to environmental and “Green” issues infants / juniors and secondary kiddies are bombarded with eco-propaganda – oftentimes trivially checkable as false / wildly distorted but relentlessly churned and repeated.

    It’s almost like learning by rote….

    The BBC is increasingly seen by many adults as a biased and elitist bureaucracy cultivating its own agendas (and remuneration packages) while purporting to be inclusive and independent.

    As I understand it the viewing figures are steadily sliding downwards …

    It remains to be seen if politicians will eventually cut them adrift – the parade of self aggrandizing twaddle in that DT piece is about par for the course.

    Nothing less than pay per view will satisfy this peon – we all know it’s do-able – long past time there was a clearout of dead wood and gravy-trainers.

  6. Johnathon–Oh the BBC does fake news alright and every other style of CM agitprop.

    Their latest arrogance needs to be punished.

    And 24 hours to permanent shutdown is just the way to do it.

  7. Given the Corbyn story included the line
    ‘Appeared to offer support’ and ‘alleged anti-Semitic mural’
    You have to wonder what the news bit is as there own coverage admits to no facts.
    Interesting the artist is saying it was about class and privilege and not anti-Semitic so if you interpret that way maybe it says more about you than the piece itself
    Much as it’s good to see Corbyn getting hammered these storm in a teacup issues like the pornstar one are just a stupid distraction and shows how deaperate the media are.
    Given the current backlash I assume Corbyn is the wrong kind of Leftie for the BBC

  8. So the BBC headline that Leave broke spending rules that when you read the article is about someone’s ex (who was also outed and being Pakistani fears for his family, so another win for diversity) claiming they know something is not fake news or are they just seeding articles to use as reference later?

  9. @BniC

    Given the current backlash I assume Corbyn is the wrong kind of Leftie for the BBC

    He was until elected leader – mostly never reported on as his views were damaging to Labour brand.

    Since being elected leader, BBC, C4 Gurnion etc have been like headless chickens fighting each other. One article will be pro-Corbyn, another against, another a subterfuge like you mention.

    Bias by omission, though, is the most prevalent with anything anti Trump/Brexit seized on to distract and campaign.

  10. Has anyone done a comparison between BBC viewing figures and the licence fee in, say, the 1980s and the same today?

    They might have done but I’ve certainly not seen it on BBC news.

  11. Has anyone seen the recent Stormy Daniels film with the title “Stormy Trumps All”? It’s pretty obvious what she is up to and the media are being complicit

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