Printers, printers.

OK, so, in the print queue on one machine I’ve a document it says is “deleting”. I cannot get it to print anything else while that is going on. But it’s bneen going on for days now, that deleting.

Know it’s not the printer, have hooked another machine up to it and printed something.

So, how do I get shot of that thing clogging up the print queue? Have highlighted and deleted. Have “cancel all print jobs”, all the obvious things that the system allows.

But that damn file is still there, blocking the queue.

Any ideas?

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  1. I had a bout of this recently myself. This is how I resolved it —

    Open the “Services” app and restart “Print Spooler” to get rid of the stuck jobs. Then check to see if there are updated drivers for your printer.

  2. Seriously, you could try turning both PC and printer off and on again which should (!) clear the buffers in both machines

  3. Switch it off and on again… if that doesn’t fix it (I had the same thing recently) delete the printer and re-install…

    As AD says, printer software (in particular HP printer software) is remarkably archaic…

  4. The above guys are halfway there – what I often have to do is *stop* the Print Spooler service, then go to C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS (it will probably tell you you don’t have permission so just click Continue and it will work). Then, delete all the files in here, and start the Print Spooler service again.

  5. Hector

    A real novelist would use pen and paper, preferably quill pen, to write their manuscripts (clue being the meaning of manuscript) and never go near any electronic device.

  6. Since we’re talking printers..
    Can anyone recommend a cheapish laser colour printer can handle cardstock up to say 220g/m2. Don’t do that much printing & pissed off having to buy new inkjet cartridges every time I do. They dry up rapidly in this climate. Plus I’m forced to buy the expensive manufacturer’s one’s because I can’t get it to recognise refills.
    Local outlets are hopeless. They’d tell you anything to sell the printer.

  7. Funny you should say that BF, I’ve just gone back to using papyrus and a reed pen. I tried quills and manuscript but I my writing ended up with all these ‘thees’ and ‘doths’ in it.

    I still have to use these annoying electronic devices for leaving stupid comments at blogs, but I bash the keygfdbgoard wrigth agcvb rqojck tko mxajkke idt mmorxe azthetnktic.

  8. @BiS
    I had an HP Color LaserJet 2600n for about 7 years, and had no problem with 180gsm card, didn’t try anything heavier. Only got rid because I forgot to use the transport locks when moving house with it and some cyan toner leaked meaning that there were blue streaks on anything it printed… It took 3rd party toners without any problem.

  9. @BiS
    I’ve been a long-term user of HP printers since the ThinkJet and LaserJet in the early 80s… would always specify HP for my own use and others…

    That changed a few years ago though and (IMHO) HP printers and the software that comes with them turned to shite.

    When the HP Business InkJet packed up a few years ago I broke with tradition and bought a (mono) Samsung laser printer. I’m very impressed with it and its software and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it or buy the colour version if I needed one (I have a Canon colour inkjet).

    It is perfectly happy to accept 3rd party toner cartridges and drums (I buy from InkSquid)…

    Can’t comment on cardstock though I’m afraid but check out reviews on Amazon perhaps…?

  10. What Bloke in Cyprus, March 9, 2018 at 10:39 am says

    Delete & reinstall is quick and dirty, but it works.

  11. Something I’ve experienced more times than I can count. Just turn the printer off and on again. Or if it’s an HP printer, turn it off, take a large hammer to it to relieve your feelings, throw it out and buy another printer from another maker.

    To be fair, it’s not the printer that’s the problem as much as the driver/spooler software, which HP has not been able to get right for decades now.

  12. Is there any printer on the market that actually works in a reliable way?

    I bought a cannon last time after reading hundreds of amazon reviews and have been very disappointed with its total non-functionality and awful, crappy software. I was trying to avoid my previous experience with an HP but I think this one is actually worse.

    Surely this is a huge gap in the market?

  13. HPs have served me very well for 20+ years, but with my current printer feasting on paper instead of printing on it, I failed to find a decent replacement and got an end-of-line Brother 2700DW.

  14. Four engineers were on their way to a meeting when their car stopped. The chemical engineer said, “I think it’s dirty fuel.” The electrical engineer said, “I think it’s the coil.” The mechanical engineer said, “I think it’s the cam belt.” The computer engineer said, “Why don’t we all get out of the car and back in again and maybe it’ll work?”

  15. All I can add is: fucking printers. When networked, they’re basically like cats. When they feel like it.

  16. Working in an ultra secure environment a while ago, we needed large printers *without* WiFi. None exist. So we bought hp ones and destroyed the WiFi chips, thus invalidating the warrantees.

    Yes, really.

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