Times subs? Tsk, tsk I mean

Sir Ken Dodd, OBE, comedian and singer, was born

Well, yes, I suppose he was but what was it you wanted to say about his having been born?

10 thoughts on “Times subs? Tsk, tsk I mean”

  1. A Times sub writes…Due to a production error, the words “so as to be close to his mother” were omitted from that sentence.

  2. All editing aside –Farewell to Doddy.

    The last of the Greats. Heaven’s Christmas Night show line up is now complete.

  3. Ken was a good and dedicated comedian. Enjoyed his TV programmes when young.

    He, The Diddymen, Tickling Stick etc will live on as happy memories.

  4. his comedy was of a gentler kind than we get nowadays – all swearing and sneering and right-on-ness

    (and he had something in common with Murphy – both failed accountants)!

  5. @swiss toni

    He preferred “humour” to “wit” – even thought the Satire Boom was too harsh stuff to be truly funny, so goodness knows what he thought of most of the modern crop.

  6. Stephen Hawking snuffed it today. He was a Remainian, and a Climate Change neurotic. A bigger joker than Ken Dodd, in fact.
    Survived a diagnosis of not living more than 2 years by living 55. How Tickled I am.

  7. There’s a comparison to be drawn between Ken Dodd and Jimmy Carr. The changing attitudes to tax.

    Dodd most certainly broke the law* yet the public remained on his side and he actually made his tax affairs part of his act. (“Self Assessment? I invented that”).

    Jimmy Carr broke no laws but was jeered and heckled in concert and condemned publicly by politicians.

    *yes I know he was found not guilty of tax evasion in court but he still ended up paying a huge wodge of tax interest and civil penalties.

    Some might say the jury found him not guilty because he had a better lawyer than HMRC and because they liked him. But for screeching twats like Murphy calling for more prosecutions just remember the likes of Dodd and Rednapp. Ain’t that easy.

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