Will Hutton is an Observer columnist Nothing changes.

Indeed so.

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Never again would our Westminster, Whitehall and City establishments indulge a glorified super-accountant who knew the price of everything but the value of nothing.”

    I got no further. Anyone who claims to be an economist and comes out with that trope should be keel hauled or whatever punishment economists use for the worst excess of their profession.

  2. Being forced to read the output of Captain Potato would probably be banned by the ECHR. Will Hutton gets close

  3. If the whole is worth less than the sum of the parts, the company is doing something very wrong.

  4. This GKN/Melrose piece by Will Hutton, though scoring a clear 100% on the BS meter, is fairly unremarkable (for him). In terms of “intellectual” consistency, this boy can’t be bettered: irrespective of the specific topic being addressed, he always, always, without fail, etc., writes utter bollocks!

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    He’s like Polly Toynbee, Simon Jenkins, The Egregious Tuber™ or Laurie Penny: you can be certain that whatever is written is 180° from the truth.

    The de-industialisation idea has been done to death. Hutton naturally makes the mistake of thinking that the number of people making things you can drop on your foot is the important metric, not the number of droppable things.

  6. “For, like GKN, it made a mis-step – the share price dipped and Hanson launched his bid”

    I’d hardly call the fall in GKN’s share price a dip. It was down from about 400 to below 300 in a few years.

  7. Hopefully this will act as a wake-up and kick up the arrse to other UK engineering firms to stop being complacent.

    Klarius is one that has already woken-up and made large changes over the past few years.

    Klarius reveals £1.5million investment schedule for 2016

    Sir Bill Cash MP opens £1million investment at Klarius, Published on Feb 28, 2018
    Sir Bill Cash, MP for Stone officially cut the ribbon on a giant machine tool as part of an investment of over £1million by the car parts manufacturing company Klarius.



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    @Tim Worstall,


    Reverse this retrograde change.

  9. And just adding to that.

    Tim needs a load more Contins traffic before sudden chnages, like “login only”? Ie, first off he needs to increase the debate / number of hits. Once more successful, that’s the time to risk losing some, and even then perhaps try and “manage” it just a tad (“we’re all on the same side” type oomms?).

    Two pennies.

  10. Tim appears to be losing his marbles lately.

    I understand he wants a living.

    But the blog is moribund awaiting some mysterious “event” before he says it can “return to normal”.

    He has lost a load of commenters because there is little to comment on over here and they aren’t going to Contins.

    And now this new log in caper over there. Not for me.

    It was nice while it lasted but it seems the urge to fuck up a good thing is near universal. Unless this blog starts to come back to life that is that I guess.

  11. On the basis of what got the Forbes ticker rolling (provoke the yanks), I’m surprised the new blog hasn’t at times very specifically tried to play that angle a little more directly?

    OK, “it was Forbes”, but in this day and age anything can get attention, and provocation does seem to be the name of the game.

    Probably misreading it all, and it’s late…

  12. The event is getting Contin into G. News, if we can. Commenting, that might be tech side deciding we’ve had enough spam (200 plus yesterday). Plus someone v much playing silly buggers with comments. No correct answer here, just trying things out

  13. Can’t see the problem. Register. Login. Save the login & you’ll autologin next visit.
    If it stops that copy & paste assole, it’s worth the trouble.
    I think I was registering my account as Tim was setting this up. Initially there was a login request but no apparent way of registering. And first comment was held for vetting.

  14. Tim as admin of a few FB pages ranging from cats to atheism I heartily recommend boosting your posts. It costs a couple of quid and you get lots of traffic. Your FB page has under 150 likes at the moment. That’s not the way you drive traffic to your site. I’ve never used Google Ads in combination with a social media page but for a regular business boy do they work.

  15. We have tried it, didn’t get us very far. That’s also all done by the partner in crime on the tech side.

  16. Meanwhile, back on topic: “Hanson had an unsuccessful shot at ICI, which saw him off – but only at the price of ICI changing its declared business purpose from bettering society through science to maximising the share price”

    This means “we the Board have this lovely plan for creating a New Jerusalem and you the Shareholders are going to pay for it. What do you mean ‘No’?”

  17. @ Ironman
    ICI had gone downhill both morally and financially as well as scientifically years before Hanson, so changing the “declared business purpose” for Investment relations purposes was trivial. I doubt that I shall ever forgive Paul Chambers: our friend Don (a bit closer to our parents’ age than ours) summed it up as “we used to have scientists designing plants and lots of workers producing things and, somewhere in the background, some Arts Graduates selling things, but now the important people are salesmen, with some scientist filling a secondary role and some serfs manufacturing things”.

    ICI Billingham employees never had a strike from start-up until Paul Chambers, the first non-scientist ever to run ICI, took over. The husband of one of our friends had started at 14 and was looking forward to a 50-year award (including credit for his WWII years in the Royal Marines) and was gutted when he was called out on strike.

    The ICI shareholders were better off when the Board took a paternalistic view of the workers.

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