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Bugger reality say the Lords

Britain needs to lead the way on artificial intelligence regulation, in order to prevent companies such as Cambridge Analytica setting precedents for dangerous and unethical use of the technology, the head of the House of Lords select committee on AI has warned.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal, Lord Clement-Jones said, reinforced the committee’s findings, released on Monday in the report “AI in the UK: ready, willing and able?”

“These principles do come to life a little bit when you think about the Cambridge Analytica situation,” he told the Guardian. “Whether or not the data analytics they carried out was actually using AI … It gives an example of where it’s important that we do have strong intelligibility of what the hell is going on with our data.”

To translate. “I’ll use some random passing event to bolster my call for me to have more power.”

16 thoughts on “Bugger reality say the Lords”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Cambridge Analytica will have such revenges on us all
    That all the world shall – AI will do such things –
    What they are yet I know not, but they shall be
    The terrors of the earth. You think I’ll weep?
    No, I’ll not weep.
    Unless you refuse to give me the sweeping regulatory powers we need to prevent these terrors.

  2. I’ll use some random passing event to bolster my call for me to have more power.”

    This seems to be the motto for every worthless fuckhole that infests the senior ranks of the public sector.

    They are all megalomaniac underpants gnomes.

  3. Their Lordships may be wise and learned, but I doubt somehow that they are at the forefront of AI….

  4. Bloke in Tejas in Normandy

    Besides, it’s too late. The French have already decided to dump $1.5B into ‘investing in AI’. So that’s sewn up then. Now, if only we were part of the EU, we too could ask that nice M. Macron for a few hundred million…

    No, seriously. The poor lad thinks he’s gonna get payback, when the loot is there for the asking (and appropriate posturing, of course).

    Oooo maybe I’ll apply for a few hundred K!

  5. I remember this cvnt from his days as group company secretary for Woolworth Holdings.

    Once a twat, always a twat.

  6. The Cambridge Analytical Scandal is that Republicans did data analysis. When Obama’s creeps used vastly more Facebook data, with Facebook’s full assistance, it was deemed ‘brilliant!’

    The crime? Republicans engaging in politics. How dare they ?!?! Who do they think they are?

  7. The really scary thing about this is that our political leaders do not have dimmest understanding of what 21st Century data is and how it can be managed and used.

  8. “…forswearing autonomous systems that could hurt, destroy or deceive humans”.

    i.e. UK looking to ban research into Poker playing robots.

    World leading role here we come

  9. “isp

    i.e. UK looking to ban research into Poker playing robots.”

    They think they have limit poker pretty much sussed.

    But no-limit poker is a different beast.

    Too many variables that are nothing to do with the cards.

  10. Nautical Nick: “Their Lordships may be wise and learned, but I doubt somehow that they are at the forefront of AI”

    Unless AI stands for Arsehole Interest.

  11. What Gamecock said. The things the Left squeal about most when the other side are doing them are the things they’ve been doing themselves all along.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    I don’t doubt that some regulations will eventually be needed, or imposed, but there’s no first mover advantage here and if anything a disadvantage. Let’s let some other country fuck up their AI industries, and those industries that wil benefit from AI, with overbearing regulations dreamed up by politicians who haven’t go a clue grandstanding for political effect.

    We can then learn from their mistakes.

  13. ““Their Lordships may be wise and learned, but I doubt somehow that they are at the forefront of AI”

    Their Lordships are lagging behind the back markers of natural intelligence.

  14. To paraphrase Mr(master) P (i.e. good omens)

    fuck off. this is not AI. it’s missing the I. None of this shit is intelligent.

    These days, anyone who can come up with a set of rules (and this is what programming is) that’s even a little bit clever (e.g. can match an IQ of 85 like pretty much all of the public sector), The response is “it’s AI. Help, Terminator, minority report, etc etc”.

    Bollocks, this is simple rules based processing which can, its fair, eliminate about 75% of current human jobs.But its not the robots are all coming to get our jobs, nor is it kill bots.

    There is some interesting (and scary) stuff going on here. By google and amazon and etc. Skynet is still a possibility, but most of the stuff sold as AI is no more scary than the average bank clerk it’s meant to replace. Certainly nothing the govt is aiming at (outside the military or Q branch) is anything to worry about except “will I have a job tomorrow”. The actual govt focus on AI is a load of dingoes kidneys.

  15. Had to google “underpants gnomes” as I never got into South Park (my bad). “Dingoes’ kidneys” is (of course) the ineffable Douglas Adams in H2G2.

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